The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

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hello my name is delicious _ Derek. I would like to thank my friends at the roaming cavalry company for adding my likeness to this mod. i am very flattered. Wow!

- from. Delicious Derek.


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Patch (whatever number we are on) is out!


  • Massive improvements to unit pathing and acknowledgement of orders in field battles. Units will retain the custom AI that makes fights so much more interesting that native, but should also do a much better job following movement based orders.
  • Multiple troops with incorrect skill allocation have been corrected
  • Despite their best efforts: PPK157, Rempica, and New_Player will no longer stop important entities from loading into the scene.

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The moddb page might not have been accessible for a while since it was not yet authorized. If you are still having this issue within 24 hours of this post please bring it to my attention!
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