The Battle for NA: Warband Conversion Mod (Alpha)

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Battle for NA is a Mount&Blade: Warband singleplayer conversion mod which lets you relive the past triumphs, clashes and characters of North American Warband. The mod is a nearly complete revamp of Native Singleplayer; featuring entirely new factions, lords, and troop trees. Along with the many changes to the campaign map, Battle for NA also features a new and improved battle AI.


Key Features

8 New Factions
  • The Kingdom of Rattonia.
    • The Realm of God King-Emperor Roberta features a balanced unit roster. It is a challenging but rewarding faction that finds itself in the middle of things quickly due to its central starting position.​
  • House Brightfyre.
    • The northern holdings of King Vahaemar can sally massive numbers to the field by means of the endless shieldwall. Their core troops are supplemented by some of the most elite (and expensive) mercs found anywhere in the scene.
  • The Roaming Cavalry Company
    • Captain Edwards has rallied his men to explode out of Bracketwald and claim massive lands in the east. The RCC is a force in the open field due to fielding the largest variety of cavalry.
  • The Defenders of Faith
    • Darin has cemented a tentative alliance with GK in preparation for the upcoming bloodshed. DoF has called upon their allies in EU to bolster their ranks with some of the best archers to be found. DoF is in a precarious position with the beastly Turtle Knights infantry in the west and equally matched GK to the east. Opportunities may be found to the north, where the Alejanbrothers in Arms may prove to be equals of the RCC Cav.
  • The Turtle Knights Coalition.
    • With Arys conspicuously missing, the Multiclass Gods of OE have joined Tito and his Turtle Knights. The Turtle Knights unit roster consists of archers who are nearly impossible to push in melee, along with Beserker Moleboys and fearsome Battle Bungas.
  • The Golden Kingdom
    • King Gowe has created a siege empire. The combination of strong archers, twohanded spammers, and crackhead pubstars has created a nightmare for anyone who would attack the castles of the Golden Kingdom
  • Avalonian Alliance
    • Taco King John has forged a lasting Alliance with the Boars of Wappaw. The two fighting styles and unit rosters have complimented each other perfectly and created a mighty fighting force. The Tacossbowman and Taco Knights of Avalon have a Bristling Boar Phalanx to supplement them on the field.
  • West Knights
    • wK will wreck your day with equal numbers. Their western position and strong unit roster leaves the path open for domination.
Over 150 New Lords and Companions
  • Every faction has been supplemented by its former and current members. An absolutely huge number of former and current competitive players have found their way into Calradia. Some of them may even be willing to join you.
  • Every lord in the game can be challenged to a 1v1 duel from within the dialogue screen. Many competitive players will reward you with special, thematic items if you are victorious. Corpse Kick them for special bonuses, but beware! They will hate you for being a toxic gamer.
Custom Troop Trees
  • Every faction has received its own troop tree. They have been personalized to the strengths and weaknesses the individual clans became known for over the years, and include many references to players and playstyles.
  • The Mercenary troop tree has been revamped by Mad Dawg and the Balion Mercenaries. Compliment your army with some Scout Rays!
Challenging but Fair AI
  • Battle for NA features a completely reworked AI, tailored around creating competitive duels. The AI will feint, hold, hiltspam and kick just like a competitive player. The AI is completely separate from Brainybot, and is still very beatable with proper technique. This is the closest to fighting like a real player the computer has ever gotten.
  • Every troop, lord, and mercenary has received a tailor made AI level. The difference between a level 1 peasant and a level 26 Taco Knight is more than just his stats and gear!
BkS Invasion!
  • The Alpha of Battle for NA features an early version of the bKs invasion. Relive UNAC3 by having them spawn randomly on the edge of the map and taking everyones lunch money before disappearing again to go play some other MMO.
Even More Content and QoL addons
  • Freelancer, Deathcam, and many other QoL mods have been included.
  • There are multiple Eastereggs to both the competitive scene and general warband multiplayer. Can you slay New_Player, or will he prove to be a valuable ally?
Download Link

Mod Discord
Belendor - Developer
Cdjrcxx - Developer
Eb - Developer
Marquis - Developer
PPK - Tester
Easter Cow - Tester

Additional Mods used:
Decapitation and Freelancers mod - Flanged
Duel Dialogue, Window, Scene - MartinF
Player Party Name - Caba'Drin

Special Thanks to:
Alyss for the Banners
Everyone who sent in their facecodes
TMW for being such an integral part of the mod.
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Known Issues
  • The Slave Trader is being a crackhead and doesnt work sometimes: In progress
  • PPK and/or New_Player joining the scene can sometimes block other important entities from spawning: Fixed
  • The window showing troop trees can occasionally break and merge troops together. The troop trees remain functional in game: In progress
  • The bKs invasion parties will sometimes only spawn with clones of bKs Peers: In progress
  • King John is overly friendly and rarely goes to war with his neighbors: In progress
  • The new AI is in its very early stages and can occasionally act very strange compared to the native AI in large fights: Mostly fixed for next release
  • The people who didnt give us their faces still have the default lord face: Stop procrastinating and give us your face code in discord if you want your face in the mod
  • Some troops are not assigned to the correct class. For the player army this can be manually fixed: In progress
  • Rittenhouse Mercenaries did not have the proper archery skill: Fixed for next release
This is the first public release of Battle for NA. The project is not finished and updates will seek to add new content and fix issues as time allows. If you find any bugs that you would like to report, or have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment in the discord.
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