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In Progress The Barber makes me fat!

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No, I didn't use any mods.


Summary: Visiting the barber screwed with my characters body proportions, as soon as I agree to his offer and get to the customization screen, my characters body, who was a lean guy before, blows up and I basically become a huge target. This only applies if I click "Done" in the customization screen even if I didn't really change anything about my hair/beard, if I click the arrow back then I stay as before. I only noticed that after I already overwrote a couple of saves and lots had happened, so I'm stuck with that huge body now and I can't seem to find a way to revert back.
How to Reproduce: Check your characters looks, go to the barber, zoom out in customization screen and look how that changes your characters body. Click "Done" to apply, the arrow to stay as before.
Have you used cheats and if so which: Only activated cheat mode in config, no mods or anything else just the native game.
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Ok so i have a similar problem save its not with the barber and can be done in character creation. I do it in sand box mode.
Step one coustmize your character set weight to anything but not max on right side. Press next.

step two pick whatever background stuff.
Step three hit the button so that you’re clothes are off.
Step four press 20. And boom we’re fat
Step five press back arrow to appearance ed

Its more notable on female characters. Also if you press 30 it gose back to skinny


Beta 1.6.1: Second Generation of Player Char when I visit the Barber, I become the complete opposite I become extremely slim with no muscle. It messes up totally my body. With my first Char it didn’t happen. Can`t check different locations because I play with one save (Ironman) so I don’t know if it happens all the time. I was at Epicrotea.
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