The Bannerlord’s Prayer


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Four winds of this world

And four corners wide

All the paths long and swirled

I will day by day stride

For the people I fight

And I lay helping hand

Heaven’s Blessing – my might

And my shield is my land

I’ll make my clan known

All over this land

From the Sturgian frost

To the Azerai sand

And in battles I ride

After our kingdom’s banners

With my men by my side

Bound by duty and honor

Each good deed and kind word

I swear to return double

For before I’m a lord

I must learn to be noble

And my tale will ascend

As the bards once will sing

The tale of a simple man

Who one day will be king


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I like this a lot! The rhythm felt a bit out of sorts on some verses but especially the last two stanzas turned out really well!


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Thanks! I wrote it on the fly, but I tried to make it as sharp as I can. I'm glad you like it!


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Here is a new poem. Fresh from the oven.
Our valor is our pride

Our spirit freedom longs

To ride the steppes so wide

And sing our Khoomei songs

And our voices fly

Like thunder high above

To our God of the Sky

Like falcons chasing doves

And the horses trotting bolder

Closer on your ranks

Your courage soon will falter

When we strike your flanks

And our arrows whistle

As our bow strings sing

Swift as wind and sharp as thistle

One shot one death brings

And now the battle’s over

But it’s your demise, not ours

As your wails grow somber

Our song in the Sky sours

And now you should have learned

To whom your land belongs

We conquered and we burned

And sang our Khoomei songs