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The Art of Blading - Warband Podcast

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The Art of Blading is Warband's premier outlet for discussion of the game's competitive history. The Podcast is focused on engaging with competitive players from all eras, past and present, on topics as varied as their own competitive legacy, what it takes to be a top tier player and how the scene has evolved over the years. Episodes will be roughly bi-weekly, though there may be periods during which they are more or less frequent. The Podcast will always be hosted by Gibby and PuffTheDragon, featuring one or more guests on each episode.

The Hosts



Puff entered the Native competitive scene in 2016, coming from a background of Mercs and PW. Playing alongside many other UK players over the years, his best moments can be seen in teams like Sacrosanct and in his more recent feats leading
for top teams. Combining his aptitude for leading with his survivability and spearwork, Puff has a deep familiarity with meta concepts regarding competitive play, as well as a good mind for tactics and teamplay.
Gibby began playing Native competitively in 2014, after a background
playing Full Invasion. Coming under the tutelage of Tobi, he found his
footing using Inverse in 2015 and quickly rose to be a top infantry in the competitive scene. Known for both his duelling and battle abilities, Gibby has been regarded as one of the premier aggressive, or "butcher", infantry players for several years.

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The first episode, featuring M, has been released. Two hours of Warband content, lore, drama and meta discussion:

Saracens doing so well they lost to Castellans, twice, and so did SoE.

I hope the fact checking in the podcast will improve going forward.
The first person I ever heard refer to it as an M feint was Leonidas. It was a basic down block right swing outrange. The person who made the "how to M feint video" dueled Leonidas and I frequently. I believe around 2014-2015 I had some discussions with EU players/shared techniques (Soul and Lelastar) and by that time it was understood to call the technique an M feint because Tobi had many different moves but M had one very consistent feint (or what appeared to be very consistent).

This playlist right here was something I watched as a new player.

I turned on inverse to copy "Saulcanner" (In the above playlist, I am still not sure how their movements are so fluid except maybe movement key to block) late 2012. But I am not sure that the NA scene was as isolated from EU as projected in this podcast, in the peak of duel years competitiveness,(I would say 2015 for NA), nearly all of the top players in NA had a EU person they were copying and went so far as stealing faces sometimes.

After the switch to medium, the hilt-slash (which was common in EU already) and an "EU feint" became common in NA. An EU feint just meant a well timed block feint.

Anyway, if you are a duelist/ get nostalgia from this kind of stuff watch that playlist, lots of fun videos from both sides of the pond.

It's also interesting to hear the acknowledgement of how cliquey dueling has been at various points and you couldn't improve unless you could fight people who was willing to duel you enough to allow you to improve.
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Thanks for inviting me, it was actually really nice to have a natter about warband, could have gone on ages longer even though we'd already ran over

I've been rightfully raked over the coals for my terrible warband trivia and glaring omissions. Especially embarrassing not to mention RNGD when talking about AE's rivals... ?
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