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It was fun! I laughed pretty hard when fuzzy told me and ifrit that we could go get a hat, so I turned and started running to the treasure chest. Then BOOM, the howie shell lands on pil and me, Nodbody went for a hat after that. All in all though, great battle, lots of great volleys.
I was talking with my 13te buddies, and naturally we have some new people, and I brought up this moment in the "Grand 1stEPI Historic Moments of Historic History"

I was recording that line battle that night on Sept 11th last year and I saw this (after I died):

1. Ostpreussische Infanterie
Good luck. =)
Stjef said:

1. Ostpreussische Infanterie
Good luck. =)

Wow.. This thread has been up for forever, and you are the first to ever comment on that.  Outstanding catch!  :grin:
hunterh17 said:
Good luck!!!

Thanks!  We can never have too much luck!

In other News, Excellent Attendance and Performance.. I was surprised to see that the company drill went as smooth as it did with that beautiful 40 man Line.  Keep it up. 
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