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I am noticing a Correlation with our new activity in this thread and on this forums with a surge of activity in our regimental application thread.. hmm  I say we keep this going. 
Yeah, Recruitment has gone up lately. It makes me happy to see that, I should be at the training to meet some of these new recruits. Are scrimmages coming back soonish? Or was that Tuesday?
I wish I could've been there. stupid work. oh well. I'll take getting paid 15 bucks an hour all day every day. Put it straight to my Rome 2 fund :grin:
Howdy Folks. How about we make a good showing at the Lb tonight :smile:

Lets be real.  No one is going to read this.  :neutral:
Littlefield late but whatever. :roll:

inferior baton said:
on the contrary... AWESOME ATTENDANCE tonight! I still think you guys should've broke into platoons....

Would've been sweet. Can actually say that that was one of the, like, top five Linebattles I've ever been in. Just missing out to the time when Deo, Reinhardt and I were the only EPI dudes alive. OH THE DAYS OF YORE! :cry:

Fuzz neglects the fact he's merely a babeh within the EPI.
inferior baton said:
Oh fuzz... you say the weirdest things. how are my potatoes coming?

The harvest was not good at all this year, I'm afraid. :cry:


No, Fuzz. Just no.
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