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Inferior, that comment contributed absolutely nothing to the improvement of this thread.  I demand that you edit it at once to include some sort of deep minded philosophical thought. 

inferior baton said:
nobody posts here anymore :sad:

I was thinking the same..  Inferior, I think we are the only two people who still use this thread. hahaha
5arge said:
inferior baton said:
Seems like it. I don't ever use the FSE Forums so I have no idea what's going on in our forums over there.
About as much as is going on here.  :razz:

For some reason, I just choose not to use the FSE forums.  I feel like things are more pleasant here.
Well, we got a shoutbox on our website. Otherwise it seems, not alot of people pay attention to this forum. It takes me forever to check it.

Anyways Training tonight Guys!
inferior baton said:
true. i didn't think about that! ha. good to see we've been getting alot of eager recruits in as well from the taleworlds site!

Yup, We gotta keep this up. 
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