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The 1257 Edition (v1.4) - Description and Downloads

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The 1257 Edition - Authentic Factions and Equipment
v1.4 for Mount & Blade 1.011

The 1257 Edition of Mount&Blade is a realism mod that grounds the game's original setting more firmly in the history behind its starting date, 1257 A.D. The factions have been thoroughly remodelled and new graphics added, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity.

---> MAJOR UPDATE: Thoroughly revised and expanded for the commercial version of Mount & Blade (1.011). Now with covered warhorses and hi-res map textures.

Check out the screenshots here (with captions) and here.



    * Equipment of all troops, civilians and NPCs adjusted to reflect the High Medieval period
    * More authentic-looking and more interesting factions
    * Authentic knightly tournaments
    * Emphasis on individual heraldry
    * Specific items to mark your status as a faction lord
    * Period-accurate helm models
    * New textures added, and hidden models activated to expand the range of shields, helmets, surcoats and other armor
    * New banners for the Swadian, Northern and Vaegir factions, based on heraldic principles
    * Three new knight companions to recruit
    * Extensive editing of in-game text to fit the setting (and correct mistakes)

The Mod is currently hosted at the MBX Forum. Click here or on the banner below to download, and for more details.
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