Thanks for performance related patch 1.7.2

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Hi Devs and taleworlds team , just wanted to thank you guys for the performance patch.

I got a low end pc and earlier it used to crash a lot . But now I am able to play the game (not big wars though) i just simulate big battles but i am having fun .

Now the game crashes very less (waiting for this pandemic to end , so i can purchase a decent pc)

Anyway thanks and waiting for more performance patches .??

Thank you
Glad someone is having fun with the new patch 1.7.2

Since it clearly messed up my game and by looking at the most trending players that submit videos theirs also.
Idk why but ever since 1.7.2 came the game started having visual and loading problems that i never had before.
Inventory takes too long to load images for all items be that grain or what ever.
Same problem as other with missing faces and what not.
Overall i wouldnt call this patch a performance upgrade when clearly its screwed some files on my end.

My PC is of medium standard that still covers above what is needed to run the game since i can push everything at its maximum so the problem to my knowledge seems some files not behaiving properly.

If someone has such problems and finds a fix around please let me know.
Not sure if troll?
Maybe not. I was also very surprised with performance increase when I returned to the game at 1.7.0. after abandoning it at v. 1.5...

Performance really got better in the latest versions. BUT mostly due to horrible LOD distance decrease (in both battles and campaign map), also animations start skipping frames (and animated armor/clothes freezes) at a much smaller distance than before. E.g. animated capes turn into static models when PC is at 5+ meter distance from the wearer.
Looks like ****.
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