Thank you to the Taleworlds team!

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Yesterday, I hit a major milestone in the beta. I played my one thousandth match, just one week before EA release. I recieved my key back in September and since then, have been playing almost daily. I've seen a lot of progress, experienced a lot of crashes, been the victim of some serious balance issues but I've also had a lot of fun testing and experimenting with the different systems in the game.
In one week, we'll all get to experience the singleplayer campaign and enter a whole new phase of testing.
With everything the world is dealing with currently, I just want to say thanks to the Taleworlds team for your diligence in continuing work on the game during the mass quarantine and express my hopes that you and your families are all surviving through this unscathed. And, thank you all for the opportunity to play 1000 matches for free in the name of releasing a stable, fun and immersive gaming experience.
Since there's now a thread for it, I would also very much like to say thanks to the TW team.

It's one thing to be dedicated to a game you're making (I imagine any developer would be) but it's quite another thing to make that dedication so clear for the fans as you have.
630 matches in 203h, 90% on Captain mod. Thanks for all the work done so far,the game is awesome now ! Can't wait to play solo in six days.... If there is not a delay xD
I just got a beta key! Did anyone else just get one? Got it in the mail Monday, checked my trash mail and it was there. My gosh! I have waited so long for this.

And yes, Taleworlds are amazing. Indeed thank you to them.
I remember in college playing warband for hours when I first discovered it, and the first teaser for bannerlord. The mass respect I felt when taleworlds said they would release it when it's ready and not before. It's been a long time waiting and I for one do not believe in rushing this game. These guys have put in WORK and i think we all feel great about being able to help the development process. I just got my code this week and look forward to EA to be able to report bugs and such. Thank you Taleworlds for doing a great job.
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