Thank you TaleWorlds for killing the EA servers once and for all

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Thanks @Dejan and Taleworlds. Thank you! ❤️ Although the EA server peaked at no more than ten players during the holiday season, we were so happy to see this. Thank you! ❤️,We truly appreciate it and it's so much boring and so bad and we're so disappointed to keep leaving this server and this game. We can finally start to take everyone out of the game and really shut down our community, you guys at TaleWorld's have given us such a gift and we are so grateful for you making this possible. :grin:


But...did you fill out the telemetry file???? You should know that is the solution for all the problems in bonerlord <3


While the EA server's audience is very low and falling, it's not quite your "less than 10 people" argument, and it's clear that there were still more than 10 players playing on the server during the peak holiday season:grin:
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I dream of a time when Bannerlord PC and console players merge into a single crossplay environment. :iamamoron:
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