thank you for the early acces \o/

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So, let me just get right on with it.

thank you very much for the early release. i know its in early acces yet. but ive encountered 3 bugs so far.
1. the family feud quest. if you fail the quest the person stays stuck in the party. i found out that pressing ''L'' and ''kick from clan'' seems to work. but i dont know if its intended like this or not.
2. everytime a battle start i see my facial hair and what not in first person. its difficult to explain but its like my ''eyes'' are behind the mustache xD
3. there is a quest where you save the daughter from a kidnapper but if you fail to persuade her to come along and kill her husband she ran off with. it will fail the quest anyway. when you kill the husband and talk to her again you tell her ''i dont care you love eachother i made a promise to get u back. so pick up ur stuff and come along'' she agrees but hates you for it. although when i arrived back at the village the only option i got was ''you daughter loved him and it was the right thing to do'' ( something along those lines ) wich results in failing the quest. even though she said she would come along.

other than that. im having a great time with this. got around 800hours in warband. cant wait to hit 8000 hours on this one haha. the melee combat. i hated it but really love it now. and SPEARS PEOPLE!!! they are actually usefull now. :grin:

anyways long story short.

thank you very much for this amazing game. yes its early acces i know but so far so good. :grin:

edit : is there a way to view the product key on steam so i can add it to my account? its not '' a must have'' but its like a personal achievment ^^
i right clicked on bannerlord but it doesnt show ''show CD key'' like it does for warband
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