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Thank You Docm30...

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Hi Docm30

Really nice mod, i love it.. So nice modeling and textures, looks just beautiful, i think this is the best mod for Warband so far.. and its just an alpha :smile:

i will point out some things I think misses or i wish would be in game.
1. I love that you made those Army depots, but its sad that you cant buy a officers uniform.. would that be possible in a future patch ?? i do hope so.
2. I would love to be able to inlist in a generals army, just like in the mod 1257AD.. this would be so great in your mod Docm30. Please add this :smile:
3. More variations in theif, bandits highwaymen and so on.. every group looks like the pirates, i think that the pirates looks great with the sailor clothes, but the highwaymen and bandits should use some dirty civilian clothes.
4. In the villages you shouldnt  be able to recruit regular soldiers, they should be civiliens, with hunter rifles, then you can upgrade something like this:

                                                                                    ---> Light Infantry --------> And so on.
Farmer(or Recruit) ------> Trained Civilien  ---> Veteran  ---> Milits  (it would be awesome to be able to start a milits army)
                                                                                    ---> Line Infantry ---------> And so on.
                                                                                    ---> Light Cavalry ---------> And so on.

5. Almost every time i attack a army or bandit group or whatever, its the same battlefield :smile: (but im sure you now this :smile: )
6. When you start a new game, you start out with some high quality clothes, with 23 in protection.. and its only a thin shirt.. i was looking at a jacket, it was much lower protection level.

Well this a early alpha version i know, this is also just a few ideas i would love to see in game.

And yes im from Denmark, so i cant ofcouse not wait for the Denmark-Norway kingsdom will be in your mod :smile: i got a lot of pictures from that time if your are interested i can put them in here :smile:

Thank you for a beautiful mod, and keep up your fantastic work :smile:

Best Regards

yes sir..please for the love of redwine and good french cheese get rid of the highwaymen that wear vanila gear..it so not right...
have no complaints beside that...
love the mod..
and i love you docm30..
i love you...
You CAN buy an officer uniform... when you are a proper officer, you filthy peasant  :mrgreen: So, just get promoted and you will be able to buy it.
Finish what features didn't make it into the alpha, polish the mod & iron out the bugs - you get something that's better than any other mod or DLC that came out for native Warband by far.

Seriously, TW should pay Docm30 for this kind of promotion :razz: The texture and modelwork are better than what even Taleworlds originally cooked up and that speaks for something.
The alpha version is just ironing about bugs and ensuring the game is playable for now (Which is certainly is).

The battlefields are limited to 2-3 right now, linked to the alpha version. More will be added once the game is more polished. And Docm said some version of freelancer will be available in one of the later updates (believe he said so in the suggestions thread)
You can't do a 4 way level up. Your troop tree should be vet----> militia on foot and then the proper faction troops
                                                                                ----> militia on horse
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