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[Texture] [M&B] Punkt's High Resolution Texture Pack 1.2 (Feb.16.08)

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Rob de Hard

These look stunning ..

The original map looks like a Working Title by comparrison.

Taleworlds should put these in their next release ...!
Vilhjalmr said:
Hey Punkt, how do you get the textures to do the LOD thing?
Each texture together with original picture also stores it's own premade versions, shrunk by 2^n times (n=1..10 or smth). Those small textures are placed on objects that are farther away. Usually those are just shrunk copies of big texture, but you can edit them separately too.


Grandmaster Knight
Vil, the snow is horrible anyway. Not even my own, I just forgot about it.

wowitsme, yes, but it's "enhancement".
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