Text errors in module_game_menus.py


Knight at Arms
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A pagan walled center will never be reported as anything better than "pagans are in the majority" because "faith" is used in that line when it should be "p_faith". Text below from current version, it is only one line with the error:

          (lt, ":p_faith", 30),
          (str_store_string, s15, "@^Pagans aren't welcome here."),
          (lt, ":p_faith", 50),
          (str_store_string, s15, "@^Pagans are accepted here."),
          (lt, ":faith", 65),
          (str_store_string, s15, "@^Pagans are in the majority here."),
          (lt, ":p_faith", 80),
          (str_store_string, s15, "@^Pagans are dominant here."),
          (lt, ":p_faith", 101),
          (str_store_string, s15, "@^This town is a bastion of your faith."),
          (str_store_string, s15, "@^Rumor has it that old pagan gods are being forgotten in favour of Christendom."),

Walled centers also report that "greeted by men loyal to Lord Jarl _____", because of an extraneous "Lord", in two different places in the file (villages are fine though). Suggest deleting that "Lord" as it duplicates with the specific title. Here is one of the two lines: @ As you reach the settlement, you are greeted by men loyal to Lord {s7}.^{s15}"