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Reggimento d`Artiglieria "Voloire"


  History of the MM Regiment 

The Voloire is a regiment of artillery recently created, inspired by the regiments of italic - napoleonic artillery, direct continuation and evolution of the Auxiliary Artillery Company of the Italian Brigade. Renowned for its accuracy, mobility and versatility , counts among its ranks excellent gunners, veterans of many battles. Among future projects, the recruitment of new recruits and the creation of a regimental Company of Engineers.

[size=18pt]  History of the real Regiment 

Artillery of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy (1805-1814)
The history of the Kingdom of Italy `s Artillery, at the beginning was characterized by a persistent shortage of men and lack of materials, a situation inherited from the dismantling of the old Royal Corps of Artillery of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia. The guns were a few dozen, mostly French-type Gribevaul, but also many of the Austrian war booty. Thanks to the work of the industry`s weapons of the city of Crema and Brescia and an intense work of patriotic enlistment, the Artillery of the Kingdom of Italy soon icreased her strength of 130 guns and 1500 men, divided into 8 Companies of Gunners, 1 Company of Engineers, Blasters and Workers and 1 of Transporters. The Royal Italic Guards, on his behalf, counted among his forces a department consisting of 2 batteries of horse artillery and 2 feet for a total of 32 pieces. The Italic Artillery, so formed, took part in the Napoleonic campaigns of Austria, Spain, Prussia and Russia. In particular, he distinguished himself at the Battle of Austerlitz.

"... The people of Italy have shown a lot of energy ... are full of spirit and passion,
so it is easy for them to acquire the military qualities. The Gunners of the Royal Italic Guard were covered with glory at the Battle of Austerlitz, and have earned the esteem
of all the old French Gunners. The Royal Italic Guard is always on the side was
Imperial Guard and wherever it is was worth ..."

(Napoleon Bonaparte in the Grande Armée, bulletin n.37, Schönbrunn,  December 26, 1805)

Artillery - Voloire – of the Kingdom of Savoy, the Kingdom of Italy and the Italian Republic (1831 - ....)

The Voloire was created in 1831 by General Alfonso La Marmora with the aim, in addition to the normal duties of artillery, "to campaign as a light artillery" and is the direct continuer of the Artillery of the Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy. Famous for the positions taken by a few meters from enemy lines, on which promptly opened fire with canister shots. The speed of movement and speed of action on the battlefield had to define in military jargon as "flying batteries". He took part in Italian Risorgimental Wars, the First and Second World War. `At the end of this last was disbanded, only to be reconstituted in 1946. The regiment is still in service.


  Regiment Roster 

Officers / Ufficiali

Lt_Hummel (Tenente)

NCO / Sottufficiali

Sgt_Nik (Sergente)

Gunners / Cannonieri

Cpl_Fireblood (Caporale)

EGnr_Triglia (Elite Cannoniere)

Gnr_Pizzetta (Cannoniere)

Gnr_Bistrus (Cannoniere)

Gnr_TheRipper (Cannoniere)

Cadets / Cadetti




  Official Uniforms 

1: Gunner - Cannoniere
2: Foot Artillery Officer - Ufficiale d'Artiglieria 
3: Foot Artillery Corporal - Caporale d'Artiglieria

1: Officer of the Horse Artillery Guard - Ufficiale d'Artiglieria a Cavallo della Guardia

1: Lieutenant of Artillery on Horseback -Tenente d'Artiglieria a Cavallo
2: Soldier of Engineers - Soldato degli Ingegneri
3: Driver of the Artillery Train of the Guard - Conducente del Treno della Guardia
4: Officer of the Coastguard Gunners - Ufficiale dei Cannonieri Guarda Coste
5: Soldier of the Artillery on Horseback - Soldato dell'Artiglieria a Cavallo​


    Official Brigade Forum TaleWorlds : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/voloire
      Official "Voloire" Steam Group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/voloire
    Official Brigade Forum: http://twonline.forumfree.it/
Official YouTube Channel : (coming soon)
      Official Brigade Server Teamspeak3: vs15.tserverhq.com:6285


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