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The one from WoW I think (it's big).
The texture, it just disappears!
Will there be a 5th pack?
and so on, and so on...
The two purple swords have a transparent blade. Did you mean this with "disappearing texture"?
Or disappears the whole texture?
If it's only the transparancy-effect, I could change the alpha, so it's more visible.

The 5th package will be released saturday/sunday.
It'll be a skull-weapons-package.

After the 5th package, I will focuse on bows! :wink:


Do you want me to give you some suggestions about the bows??
The blade only becomes transparent by the way.
I already have plenty of bows, so I don't need suggestions yet :wink:

Ähm... What exactly do you mean with "The blade only becomes transparent by the way."?
Did you mean "from time to time", or something else?


No. I don't mean anything. The blade of the sword becomes transparent.
Okay. The blade is meant to be a little bit transparent.
But you sounds, like it is too transparent, so it looks weird.
That's fixed in 2 minutes. But I'm at work now.
I'll fix this in about 3 hours, when I'm at home.

The thinner purple sword has a transparent blade, too.
The bigger one was meant to look like this. I've tested the thin sword and
it worked, but I've not tested the big one, after I added the "alpha-test"-flag :roll:


The Ultima sword has a totally transparent blade. That's what I meant all along.
Okay... We have a problem.
I tested the sword and it works for me :???:

Both swords are working...

I really don't know, why it's not working for you.

But you could open the resource and search for the "Ultima"-material with OpenBRF.
There you have to change the flags! Deactivate the "Alpha test 128" and the blade should be fully visible.

I have also a question :wink:
Does the thiner purple sword (Aurorablade) work for you?
If it does, the whole situation is really weird  :???:


Yes the audorablade does work fine for me. I'' change the flangs in the morning.
Okay, guys.

The skullweapons won't be released, because they're making too many problems.

But I uploaded an update for the 4th package, including 1 shield and a really big 2H-sword.

Because I don't have enough time to work more on those packages this weekend, this is all for today.

But I found some new stuff of Andragorn, which I will release next weekend! (really nice models!)

I also need some advice at making bows.
I have some nice models, but I'm not able to get out their animations... I tried to edit them myself
today, but it didn't work... Some advice would be really great.
Otherwise I'll have to make some bones and rigg them, to make the animations from scratch :neutral:


Any chances to port that beautiful Bonemold Armour to M&B?

It's part of the mod "Ghogiels Armor Resource".

I will not port armors to M&B, because I don't have enough time for this.
Armors of Oblivion are splitted in many parts, so you would have to join them and then rigg them for M&B.
Maybe somebody else will do this, but I'm not able to do so.
And I doubt, that M&B could handle the polys of Oblivion-armors.
Okay, guys, it's done!
The next package is online.
It took longer, than I thought, because I had some private problems today, but now
it's finished:

Andragorn's Weapons 2
Author: Andragorn

You may use these models and textures only for Mount&Blade(Warband)!
Feel free to use/change the modells and textures for non-commercial mods for Mount&Blade(Warband)!

But allways give the original author his deserved credit!

This mod is made for M&B:Warband only.

I reduced the polys of some models and added LODs for some weapons!

5 1H-Warhammer
4 1H-Mace
10 1H-Axe
14 1H-Sword
1 Dagger
8 2H-Sword


35 MB



It will be the last package for the next time.
I will only fix bugs, if there are any.
I haven't found more interesting weapons of the TES4-community.
The bows are really complicated, because I can't export their animations and so I would have to animate the bows by myself, to
get the different, needed frames for M&B. At the moment I don't have the time for this.
And I'm working on another mod, too.
So I will wait for more new interesting models, more permissions and ways to get the bows of TES4 into M&B.
And till then, I will retexture more armors :wink:
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