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Okay, guys!
The third package is uploaded and I wish you all a lot of fun with this!

It took me very long to get those weapons into M&B.
Because of the limited polys in Warband I had to reduce the quality of Andragorn's weapons again and again.

Finally they work :mrgreen:

And it is worth it!
These are one of the most beautiful weapons you've ever seen in M&B(Warband)!

Although I had to reduce the quality of the original modells down to 30-20%, the weapons look really awsome!

Have fun with those beauties!
I tested the weapons allways with the same savegame.
And I added, deleted, changed a whole bunch of items.
So, yes, they are savegame-compatible :wink:


hello BrustwarzenLenny can you help me,
I wanted how to do that : example Frostmourne was for 1h and 2h but
I wanted to have only the 2h  animation cause in 1h and 2h the animation is not like the 2h animation. Can you Help me thanks guys.

Search the frostmourne-line in your item_kinds1.txt and replace it with this one:

itm_Frostmourne Frostmourne Frostmourne 1  Frostmourne 0  4259843 9223635924234010864 900 155668 3.250000 100 0 0 0 0 37888 97 0 140 0 283 37

Important is this part:


Couldnt you use ?
The sponser boxes are really annoying especially when you click close and they open up a new tab >_>
Hm... I used Imageshack in the past and didn't like it very much.
But I'll try it when I upload images the next time.

I will release a new package the weckend after next.
I don't have much time till then.
But I will release a really big pack :wink:
Face and body are from Bethesda themselfs, so no, they're copyrighted.

Armors would be possible, if they are made by modders.
But I won't do it in the near future... Thought about, but I think, I would have to rigg the
armors and I don't have that much time.

What I've planed after the next few weapon-packages, is to try to port bows.
There are plenty of bows from really good modellers, but I'll have to port them with animation.
So I have to look, how I can do this.


how do i make them work for M&B vanilla?

because these model are amazing and I want them in my mods and stuff lol.


Got them to work in vanilla. but when Frostmourne is equiped the sword is backwards, as in the hilt is not at my hip but the tip of the blade is at my hip.. lol how do i change the positioning?
You could change the rotation of the modell with OpenBRF (link at firstpost's bottom).
Or you have to change the way M&B handles the weapon with the M&B Tools of Morgh (link at firstpost's bottom, too).
Both is very easy and should be done in a few minutes.

Be patient for Sunday evening (german time). Then I will upload the next package!
Ok, guys!
The 4th package is finished and uploaded!

(!) new weapons!!!

The next package will be a skull-weapons-package and then I'll try to port bows!

Have fun!


You should now become an administrator! :shock: Thank you sir. Especially for the Sword of Olympus . I have requested it in the past. Ooohh I just cummed.
theAthenian said:
You should now become an administrator! :shock: Thank you sir. Especially for the Sword of Olympus . I have requested it in the past. Ooohh I just cummed.
Become a admin for this? For sure :mrgreen:

I'm allways proud to see people happy!
So have fun with the Sword of Olympus!

And allways tell me, if there are any problems ingame.
I allways test the weapons before I upload the packages, but I'm not able to see all bugs by myself :wink:


That sword with the purple blade doesn't work. Doesn't matter. All the others are AWESOME
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