OSP Other 2D Art Terrain Textures mod 2.0 update (for M&B 0.751)

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I prefer the texture in the second screenshot.

Janus said:
Another thing I forgot to mention, real river water does not look blue. It tends to be somewhere between brownish and clear. Of course yours would look more bizarre to me if there weren't so many other games with bright blue rivers which have inundated me against it. :wink:

As someone who goes hiking a lot, I agree. Though, there are areas in the tropics where river water may appear blue, it generally looks either green or brown. It will also vary considerably with depth and of course the riverbed material. I don't think brown water looks at nice, though:

One of the issues is that ground textures get wrapped across the entire landscape, including the riverbed. If we could edit the riverbed, giving it a sandy or muddy texture, I think we could come up with some really cool effects.

Swimming pools on the other hand, usually have water that appears blue. :razz:


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Chel said:
Which of these two do you prefer?

And I'm now getting some usable desert texture

The first one is kind-of nice -- except for the completely flat texture with white flowers on it. Even though you can SEE the ground is flat rather than dotted with flowers. So you end up with ugly white blotches on the very flat ground, completely ruining the effect.

The second looks like someone vomited all over it, I'm afraid. But the desert is nice!



oh man.. too many updates, Cant keep up..

but they look nice man, maybe when my friends play Mount and blade they wont go.. whoa, that map grass looks pretty crappy :grin:
Great work on the textures,

Since this is a texture related thread, I thought I'd post my Q here instead of getting a new thread.

When i alter dry_ground to something desert like, Ingame its still mixed with vague green areas, Now how do I get rid of that greenish .. my texture is clean non-green :razz:
Is there somekind of 2nd texture mixed in there or somehitng? if yes wich one?


Madsalty said:
Very good work
, Keep it up, however, the interface screen is a bit repetitive, maybe you could use a different image for each interface in the same style? (Very good job though)

I agree, I preferred the old MnB menu


I can tell you one thing about a desert texture, finding a proper one is not easy. ( With this I mean a desert sand texture)


Some nice textures!  :cool:

But I agree with others about: bg2.dds, dialogue_window.dds, inventory_window.dds and quests_window.dds

Maybe just leave them out and let each mod use their own samples there.  :wink:


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If there was a riverbed texture, then the water might acctually look like water. Right now, no matter what you do to it it doesnt look like water.

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Chel said:
Does anyone have the game called American Conquest?
In it they used grayscale images of grass, sand, rocks on top of colored terrain to create realistic and 3D-looking terrain on a 2D map. They also had very many pictures of good looking trees rocks and plants.
(and its a great game by itself)

Look at the grass, sand, trees, and mountains in the screenshots:






Wasn't this game something with cossacks? =S I thought to had the demo of it! IT ROCKS ANYWAY!


Loved everything, except the water, too blue.

How do I change just the water texture for the original one?


Much as I hated to finally admit it to myself, American Conquest is completely unplayable in SP. But SO beautiful! I think it's even much more beautiful than Cossacks 2. Damn GSC for sucking so bad . . . which is why I come to awesome indie games . . .

Please keep working on this. Games so often have basic areas like terrain ignored, but it's such an easy way to VASTLY improve the experience.


Congrats Chel! One of the best mods I've played   :wink:

Keep it up... hehe.. :twisted:

*Edit* yup, I only played it now... =S
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