Temp Ban - was it fair?

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Sergeant Knight
Two minutes ago I got temp banned by Bayard. He started event to catch him "an elf who like golds and women". He had money bag with 100k, and it was prize. I "dressed" women clothes, drops some money bags with rocks and started to waiting. Then I got kicked. I rejoined server and got temp banned. I want to ask: It was fair ban?

I played under name Caine.


Sergeant Knight
insane warrior said:
I am soo sure bayard will pop in this topic and make a wall of text :grin:

Me too.

I got kicked, but guy which dropped some money bags too, wasn't kicked. He just don't like me and kicking me at every chance.


Caine right, bayard told me he was sorry, there was a man named dairycow on that at teh same time we made our cicle of some gold he drew a giant penis, and when you said you were the one that dropped the gold he thought you drew said penis and banned you for it, he  is sorry and will reimburse you in game just remind him it was a case of mistaken identity


Indeed.  Dairy cow dropped 30+ bags of gold in the shape of a phallic symbol in front of stone commons.  He then let you take the temp for him.  I asked him, after receiving legit info, if he did it and he lied.  So when I told him I got screens proving otherwise he confessed.  I warned him earlier that if he lied to me and let Caine take the fall that he would be perma banned for A.  Spamming money bags (auto temp ban offense), B. letting caine take the fall C.  Lying to me.  So, Caine; I do apologize and you will be reimbursed if I haven't done so already... Goes to show how come players will let others take a bullet for them unjustly.
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