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-TEF- The Everlasting Fellowship | International LotR Clan | Recruiting!

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One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.


Today we would like to present you our new clan "The Everlasting Fellowship". We are a clan for "Mount & Blade: Warband" (Native) and "Ghost Recon: Online" (EU server). Our clan is new but it has been created from people who know each other for many years now because they have played a different game before which is called “The Lord of the Rings: Conquest”. The multiplayer is down for a few years now. The founders were part of two different clans in this game. One of those clans was the best and very famous in this game and had a great community and actually it was like a big family. As the two clans got inactive we decided to make finally something new. We decided to create this clan for “Mount & Blade: Warband” and "Ghost Recon: Online". With this we want to do something new but also we would like to keep the spirit and glory of our old game and also from the great communities in it. We want to bring all this great things into the two chosen games. We would like to create a nice community with people from all over the world. Be like a big gaming family and use the old communities as ideal. That’s also the reason why we have the old “The Lord of the Rings” looking and stuff at our forum which was also used by one of the old clans.

So why YOU should choose us as your clan? We would like to create something special! We know that there are a lot of clans already in both games and some of us already played in “Warband” clans and from that we know that some (not all of course!) clans are more or less a big heap with people who don’t really know each other and who sometimes also don’t like each other etc. It's the same as in "Ghost Recon: Online". We don’t want to have to much people in our clan so that there’s still this familiar feeling and stuff. We think that everyone thinks different about how a clan community should be so no offense against any clan! This is just our opinion how a clan should be.

YOU are a “The Lord of the Rings” fan? YOU would like to have a clan which would like to create something special? YOU love "Mount & Blade: Warband" and/or "Ghost Recon: Online"? Then you are perfect for our clan!

We are open for everyone! In "Warband" we have beginners and players who play this game since the first day! In "GRO" we are pretty new but I am sure we will learn and grow fast!

At the moment we are a non-competitive clan (in both games) because first of all we need to get more members and build up our clan!


The following informations are about the "Warband" Squad only!

Current Members: 9 (Right now from:

Dakura (Valar) - Germany
Nachowizard (Valar) - England
Epsilon (Valar) - Sweden

Armarg von Schwarzenberg (Stable Boy) - Germany
Neokre (Stable Boy) - Germany
Fingon (Stable Boy) - Poland
Yoramir (Stable Boy) - The Netherlands
Uranos94 (Stable Boy) - Germany
Felyor (Stable Boy) - Germany

- Ilúvatar (honorary rank for former Valar)
- Valar Council Member
- Maiar
- Istari
- Noldor
- Guardian of The White Tree
- Rohirrim
- Stable Boy

- Mithrandir
(honorary rank for special former members besides the Valar)

Our banner is available in the EU banner pack Version 2.9.6 and up.


- Teamspeak 3 server (ask a Valar for the IP)
- In-Game Server ("The_Everlasting_Fellowship_Server")
- Clan Forum (www.tef-clan.proboards.com)
- Steam Group (http://steamcommunity.com/groups/tef-fellowship)
- Nice community of friends
- Help to get better in "Warband"

Please have a look at our forum for this information!

At the moment it's every sunday at 6 PM GMT+2

Coming soon!

Thank you for your attention!

The Everlasting Fellowship


Master Knight
That looks really nice, but what bothers me is that rank - "Stable Boy" that is really bad. :grin:

Still, good luck and see you on Battleground!


sotamursu123 said:
How do your clan members change their race from man to elf, then become gods wtf srsly!

I will just ignore that... it's not your problem at all...

Anyways thank you guys for wishing us good luck! :smile:


Grandmaster Knight
Dakura said:
sotamursu123 said:
How do your clan members change their race from man to elf, then become gods wtf srsly!

I will just ignore that... it's not your problem at all...

Anyways thank you guys for wishing us good luck! :smile:

Already learned to ignore Sota,you`ll fit in just fine xD Good luck to ya, nice to see someone else shares our views,guess we arnt special anymore  :cry:
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