Tears of the Bannerlord

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Greetings Lords and ladies,

Firstly, i am so happy to hear that our wait is finally over! and after 2 long years of being in beta, the devs have finally finalized a release date.

Now the things i am going to discuss are going to be a few features, which i do not know are in the true release ( or in a mod already) but according to my barely basic game dev knowledge, would require some work.

I will Separate it into 3 points, a buggy AI, Lore-Unfriendliness and Professional combat.

1- Lets begin with the most interesting of the lot, pro combat (also comes in the category of lore-unfriendliness ). I did some real research on this matter, because a certain issue had me heartbroken. My noble, from an ancient lineage who studied and practiced all martial prowess, wastes all of daddy's money by charging in on 1v1 fights without giving any regard to their personalities. yelling in the most Un-chivalrous of manners, making her/him no different than a common bandit ( other than the armor).
Rather than doing experimentations, a solid trait system should be linked with a solid AI behaviour (possibly both in and out of combat) that may seem unbalanced at first, but would evolve into something beautiful. IDK if injuries and wounds would be added, but a hit to a limb etc. should cripple then kill a person, i mean it would be really cool to fight a battle as ivar the boneless II.

2- Secondly, and might actually be the most ground-breaking feature of all, would be combat styles.
now y'all would be wondering how it can be implemented?. well with regards to point 1, a solid trait system linked to AI behaviour, a different category of traits (styles) can change the way a noble may fight.

a) it can increase their offense by minimizing defense, make you faster on foot and swing but weaker to blows (oberyn vs the mountain may be a solid example)

b) changes the axis of the weapon reach for example,a cleaving greatsword, a spear stabby style (pardon my lack of knnowledge) may switch between point and precision to AOE damage

c) Styles should be focused on how the person has trained, southern troops would have a southern style etc. making nobles more noble-like and bandits more raw and gruesome

d) also might greatly change the 1v1 fights which are actually super easy because all enemies are extremely predictable.

long story short, just small changes to animations , a bit of tweaks on weapon bonuses/perks and a lot of balance ( which can be worked on)

3. And last but not least, The buggy AI armies that waste cohesion and time trying to work out the best possible course. It just needs a lot of balance, possibly adding personalities to lords that actually change the way they campaign would be good. some are heroic and never back down from a battle even if they are outnumbered ( maybe get a bonus to fatigue and morale) and some that are super defensive ( run) that even if they have a huge army, they will look for a way to get minimum losses.

ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION JUST FOR FUN : add sentiments and grudges, that actually have an impact to your traits and perks. 2 nobles in good relation with each other but in opposing armies may do less damage (debuff) to friends but buffed if they have a grudge. and would work the same if they are scared but the shivers may buff your reaction speed but reduce morale

PS. Pardon my broken english and have a great day <3
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