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Hello, We have decided to make a Teamspeak server for everyone to use, In the server it is designed for clans and players to be able to have channels to use if they already don't have one.


Server IP is :

If you a ordinary player and wish to speak with your friends without any interuption you will be included with :
1 teamspeak channel
Passworded if requested
channel admin
Infinite amount of people in your channel
edit your channel how ever you want
(No racism Pictures Etc... on your channel)


If you have a clan and would like to receive a channels as to do trainings or mess around with friends then you would be included with :
5 Different channels and a spacer
the clan leader would receive a server admin
A title on the TS
Edit there channels however they like
will receive a spacer to separate all clans and channels

Unlimited Channels!


Teamspeak server Details...

The server is hosted in London UK, and the TS server is hosted by
The server is always up

Player Application :
1. Name :
2. Steam Name : 
3. Reason for using this Channel : 
4. Why do you need a TS Channel :

Clan Application :
1. Name : 
2. Steam Name : 
3. Name of Clan : 
4. Clan Leader : 
5. Why do you need a TS server : 
6. Link to your forum application :

Rules of the TS server :
1. No trolling at all this can lead up to a perm ban
2. No racism or racist names/ Pictures / Clan names
3. No destroying other clans on the TS server
4. Respect all members and Owners and Admins

Any problems Contact me through steam or on the TS server or any other admin
Steam Name : storms_gaming
No Donation accepted.
1. Name : Ian
2. Steam Name : UG Owner Donovan
3. Reason for using this Channel : To meet know people and have fun in Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword with people who play it


Still Online! Just Diffrent Adress PM
Add Steam for Faster Service
1. Name :Gabriel
2. Steam Name : Gabrieltheterrible
3. Reason for using this Channel : i want to play online and take fun jejejejee
4. Why do you need a TS Channel :because i want to play
1. Name : John Gustav Armfeldt (ingame : John_Gustav_Armfeldt)
2. Steam Name : John Gustav Armfeldt
3. Reason for using this Channel : so i can play and have fun with friends, and also be able to engage in conversations and faster communications in MP battles of course, and perhaps also gaining new friends.
4. Why do you need a TS Channel : so me and my friends can meet and hang out in a place we can call home


Sergeant at Arms
You should have a look when the autor of this topic posted the thread.
I think he won't be abled to give you the TS as he is not active in WFaS anymore and propably doesn't even have it anymore :sad:
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