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Team Remnant is an Oceanic (AU/NZ) Bannerlord clan with roots going back to the release of Warband. We started small, preferring to remain a close knit group of friends who worked together to learn, improve and win against the odds. Today, we are no different. There is nothing more enjoyable to us than working together and winning against greater numbers through skill and teamwork, be it in organised clan scrims or even in public battle servers.


Remnant's focus is on the competitive side of Bannerlord, specifically scrims and scrim tournaments which we believe are the most competitive format the game has to offer. We play a variety of game modes and attend almost all community events. However, we will always have a preference for the Battle game mode or Skirmish if battle is not up/populated. We hold internal weekly training to improve our skills as a team and aim to have at least one scrim each weekend and are highly anticipating the upcoming scrim tournaments. We intend to become one of the top competitive scrim clans in Bannerlord, like we were in Warband.


We are currently recruiting, the type of person we're looking for has to be:
- Friendly, easy to get along with and gel well with our group
- Competitively minded with the drive to improve
- Willing to take constructive criticism
- Always trying to remain respectful and mindful of others

Current skill level isn't that important, we're looking for people who can take feedback and put in the work to become a better player. We are a clan which highly values good communication, coordination and teamwork. In Remnant, we try to work together and running off alone is not something we like to do. We are not looking to recruit lone wolf types, but rather players who can hone their skills and work on their communication.

Please add one of the people listed below on discord if you're looking to join us. We have a private discord.

Kaewyn / Matt#2390
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