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[TBG] The Bicorne Guild - Now a part of Golden Legion

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Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms

A great rhanks to Giacomo, or Rapier17 as he's called in these forums, for the amazing banner!

I hereby bring you The Bicorn Guild, a new clan (Now sub-part of Golden Legion) especially made for Hunt Mod. The goal with the guild is to get more actual hunting and less camping into the game.

I have only made a few guidelines. These are:
• Always hunt in the streets rather than on the roofs. It is better to die in the streets than to survive on the roofs.
• Remember to wear a bicorn! It is how we can recognize each other. (And it is a part of the guild’s name…)
• Remember to have TBG in your profile-name. (Remember that these are only guidelines!)
• And the last guideline: Thread your fellow players with respect. It isn’t nice to be called a noob just because you are new to the game.

Another member. There is still hope!
If you want to be a member you can A) Send me a PM or B) Make a post about it in this thread.

Signature Banner!
Thanks to Giacomo for the original and thanks to Calodine for resizing it!

Let the hunting begin!

Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms
These are my current goals with the guild.

In progress
  • Make a fancy story. 10%
  • Get 10 members. 20%
  • Get a clan server 0%
  • Get a clan website. 0%

  • Make a flashy banner. Great thanks to Giacomo!

Wolfslayer of the Month
In the last week of every month I will start a poll about who is going to be the Wolfslayer of the Month. The title of wolfslayer is given to a member who has remarked him/herself in some way or another. This could be by helping out new players or just being a good archer, Etc.
The rank will allow you to have first right to the fish. This mean that if you see another guildmember wielding the fish, you can command him to drop it so that you can have it instead. This is the only bonus for now, but I will add more later.
You will only keep the rank until someone else wins the title.


Master Knight
Your avatar is the dogs bollocks my friend.  :razz:

As for the Hunt mod... Some of my clan members have been having a go at moving around the map in a little group, setting up a line and firing in volleys etc. Adds an extra bit of fun to what is already a great mod.

Anyway, best of luck with the clan! :smile:


Master Knight
WOOT. I would join, but I have 350 ping on any Hunt server that's populated... :???:

I shall seek you out and join your ranks as an unofficial nigh-on-useless mercenary, wherever I may find you in the streets. You have my bow.

edit: oceania, unfortunately. We're not cool enough for Hunt.

Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Great!  :smile:

EDIT: Where do you live since you have so high ping? (I could try setting up a server if it isn't too far away.)

Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Good news (Sort of.)! In about four minutes I will have the trial version of Photoshop which means that I can begin making a flashy banner!  :smile:

EDIT: Sorry about the double-post.

EDIT II: Giacomo, aka Rapier17, has saved my hide hat by making an amazing banner! That way I got an excuse for not showing my crappy banner..
Here it is:

P.S. How do I change the size if I want to use it as a signature? (I have to ask.)

EDIT III: Giacomo, you are welcome to become a member of honour if you want to. (I have to think of some bonuses for that..)


I'll create a reduced sized version for signatures if you want, and I'd be honoured to be a Member of Honour, or even a regular member if I may (but can I dispense with the bicorn? They don't quite suit me :smile:)

Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Thanks Calodine! And Giacomo, as a member of honour I'll allow you to not wear a Bicorne. (I found a bonus!  :eek:)

EDIT: Hmm, apparantly I did something wrong with the code. I'll see if I can fix it.

EDIT II: Seems to work fine when I put it first in my signature?! (And it looks better that way..)

Lord Benrir

Sergeant Knight at Arms
Gumpy said:
edit: oceania, unfortunately. We're not cool enough for Hunt.

Ah, I see. I live in Denmark so I doubt it would work out with my server plan..

EDIT: Now I did it again! Double posting is beginning to get a habit. *Sigh*
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