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Tavern of the Dancing Bear will be the next NA server set to launch November 1 2021 on a brand new map: Eden Isle
come join us for launch!
Common sense should be applied to all rules. The staff team reserves the right to issue punishments felt appropriate to any player(s) who fail to follow these rules. The right to interpret these rules as they see fit is held by the staff team members. Do not attempt to loophole this ruleset. Doing so will result in harsh punishments. If you have a kill reason that is not identifiable in the logs, it is your responsibility to provide the evidence.

It is YOUR responsibility as a player to know and follow these rules. Failure to do so will result in punishment!

RDM (Random Death Match):
Any kill reason or threat found below lasts up to 20 minutes regardless of whether either party logs off.

You must have a valid kill reason to kill somebody outside of war. Valid reasons can be but are not limited to:

- Someone insulted you in local. (Animations do not count).
- Someone aiming at you (Screenshot/video needed).
- Someone moving after you say halt (Screenshot/video needed).
- Someone attacking a faction member or engaging in open hostilities with them.
- Someone previously robbed you.
- Being kicked, punched, horse bumped twice.
- Demands that mention your name or while you are halted.
- Breaking of any faction doors
- Opening a gate or door during war
- A lord kicking you from a faction (Only have kill reason on that lord).
- Halt is threatening, and if someone says it to you and includes your name or a part of it you may kill them instantly.
- Ignoring a reasonable demand such as "No loot".
- Theft of your or your faction’s items (Food, Money, Carts) etc.
- You don't have a kill reason for anything that happened outside of the game (E.G Steam or Teamspeak interactions).
- If you kill someone, their loot is yours. You may kill anyone seen looting it within a 30-second time-frame. You loot at your own risk.
- Killbaiting is prohibited(i.e. placing loot only to gain a kill reason).
- Insulting in the global chat is not a kill reason.

Commoner & Outlaw:
- Only Outlaws may rob horses/items (This includes taking items from carts while the owner is halted).
- Only Outlaws may demand players to dismount a horse that has a saddle bag or cart attached.
- Other factions may demand players to dismount a horse that does not break the above rule.
- No other faction may help Outlaws be it directly or indirectly nor can Outlaws help others.
- Outlaws do not need to request help to be assisted by other outlaws.
- Commoners with clear tags (e.g. Templar_Princess_Fergus ) are considered to be in a group and can be treated as a faction.

NRR (No revenge rule):
- You may not initiate hostilities with your previous assailants unless in a war or skirmish. (You may return to help your faction members if the skirmish is still on-going, albeit you may not start the hostilities again for 15 minutes. For example, if the skirmish is over you may not then go and attack your previous killers.)
- You may not attack your killers for saying 'No loot', however, you are allowed to loot even when told not to.
- You may initiate hostilities with your previous assailants if they're still breaking your faction’s property after you respawn.

Skirmish Zone
-A skirmish zone is defined as any area where two groups of people are actively fighting.
-You may not use a skirmish zone as a way to RDM an entire faction after one faction member halts you.
-You only have a kill reason on those involved in the hostilities when they start or if they actively attempt to kill you.
- Anyone not directly involved in the hostilities or area is not allowed to be killed (Unless they actively attempt to help your attacker).

- Any kills done on non-warring players in a war zone, or any area where two or more factions are fighting will be investigated on a case by case basis. As a general rule, you are asking for trouble by entering a warzone as a noncombatant. Avoid them if you don't want to be accidentally killed. If you engage with a player in a war zone and that player then leaves the zone (ie. going into a house there is no fighting in, jumping off the walls, and running away from the besieged castle), you may not pursue this player and continue to kill him simply because he used to be in a war zone.

War and Ally Rules:
- When declaring a war you need to clearly state once in global chat that you are declaring on the given faction, and include the reason e.g "Declaring War on Knights Templar - Reason: Land".
- At least 70% of your faction must be in your castle(In your castle is defined as at or near the sign for the castle) or the Mercenary camp before you declare. You may not have banners in or close to the enemy castle (This includes people logged out).
- The defending faction may redeclare within a 30-second timer without the need to state it in the chat after that timer expires you then have to wait 15 minutes to redeclare(Official factions only have to wait 10 minutes, must be an approved official faction on forums).
- A redeclare follows the same rules as war, 15 minutes to make a capture attempt, a redeclare is the only time where you may war outside of your faction's land so that you may recapture a castle or continue an offensive when the enemy retreats and peaces.
- You are only allowed to redeclare on a redeclare if you are assisting an ally (See ally rules below)
- You are allowed to negate the timer by allying a faction that is currently at war by putting A:// Faction Name in your faction's name. You may only declare from your own controlled land/castle or the mercenary camp. This must be a legitimate war you are joining against, having a war declared by another faction of only a few people or a war that the allied faction is going to peace right after to loophole the rule is strictly prohibited.
- When declaring war on another faction, a legitimate capture attempt must be made within 15 minutes, or the war must be peaced. The valid attempt must be renewed every 15 minutes. A valid attempt means that it must be at least 50% of your faction and at least one person with a banner.
- You cannot war a faction that has no land or a faction that cannot be captured, such as a shop faction(shop faction may not war either).
- Wars may not be used to hide RDM or loophole other rules.
- Intentionally changing a faction banner color to match that of the enemy prior to or during a war is prohibited. When declaring on a faction you must first ensure that your banner colors are of somewhat significant difference.

Ally Requirements
- Both allies must include A://OtherFaction In their name for an allyship to be valid.
- In order to be allied with another faction, you must be within your castle or the merc camp at the time of changing the Faction name change.
- You may not use Ally rules to break any other war rules.

War Rules Misc:
- Spawn killing for prolonged periods of time will not be tolerated. Capture the castle ASAP.
- Administrators reserve the right to end continuous wars as they see fit.
- You may not help in any way in a war unless you are in one of the factions at war. (Doctors healing is the ONLY exception)
- If a player has the same tags as a faction you are attacking and is attempting to join the enemy faction, you are permitted to kill them regardless of what faction they are in (Must be near the castle or directly entering the enemy castle for this to be valid).
- If two parties agree to duel for lordship, the winners preferred claimant must be voted lord.
- If you take all land you are required to have peace within 5 minutes.

Combat Logging:
You may not log out to avoid death in any way, shape, or form. You cannot log out until 2 minutes after somebody has attacked you with no renewed conflict unless either party has died. You may not use the "Commit Suicide" button as a loophole to void this time regardless of the situation.

Forms of combat log include, but are not limited to:

- Logging out while in combat/hostile situation. (Being Halted for example)
- Logging out while falling/jumping to your death.
- Logging out if somebody is breaking a rule against you. Even if they are randoming, you will be punished for clog as well!
- If you were in an active chase with a player after being in combat and they run away in order to log, screenshot or video proof will be needed to punish the said player.
- Logging whilst under investigation of administration is also considered heinous, resulting in punishment.
- Logging out in mass after a war is declared, is not permitted under any circumstances. Whilst the admin team continues to accept that players can, abiding by the above rules, log out individually during a war: mass logging of a faction in a castle under active siege is considered Combat-Logging. The High-Command responsible for the Mass-Logging will be held responsible for the actions of the entire clan and will receive the punishment for them.
- If a clan is logging off/about to log off you can declare on them and they must cease logging off, but declaring war in order to keep a faction on when you don't actually plan on fighting them will be severely punished.
- Keeping a war active for the sake of keeping a clan online will be severely punished.

- When halting you need to say the name, eg. "Halt Fergus". If you just say "Halt" it is invalid.
- You must either halt every single member in a group, or you can halt by faction name e.g "Templars halt!".
- To halt an in-game faction you must specify that you refer to the faction and not the tags, eg halt Blue faction. To say "Halt Blue" only halts members in "Blue" tags.
- You may only halt the same player/group of players once every ten (10) minutes.

- You must give a player five (5) seconds to comply with a 'halt' demand.
- You must give a player ten (10) seconds to comply with any other demand.
- You may stack multiple demands at once, Ie. saying Halt Fergus show pouch, however, you must give the appropriate time for each demand. (5 seconds for Fergus to halt, then after he has halted, 10 seconds to show pouch. If he halts after 2 seconds, he doesn't have 13 to show pouch, he has 10.)
- You must allow the full time allotted for demand compliance before attacking. (Attacking on the 6th second after a halt demand, or 11th after any other demand)
- Demands made must be clear enough to understand.
- You may not demand that a player break the rules of the server, leave the server/module, or insult/provoke others.
- You may not demand that a player complete an act that is impossible. (I,e. "Drop all" when a player has 0 in their pouch)
- If a player complies with your demand(s), you may not kill him.
- You may not demand someone to do an animation. (PK animations: sit, sleep etc. Jump, spin etc.)
- No player is allowed to rob a player of their same faction with the exception of Outlaws and Commoners.
- You may not kill a player that does not have the amount you demand.
- May rob up to of a player’s pouch’s full sum (This includes the money pouch item).
- A group of people cannot rob the same person more than once in the same instance.
- The word heal is not a demand, however, heal or die would be considered a demand.

- You may only imprison someone for a maximum of 15 minutes.
- You may not kill a prisoner if their faction does not pay a ransom.
- You may only imprison people who are trespassing on your land.
- Logging out while imprisoned is considered a combat log.
- If the prisoner requests a trial by combat for their freedom and you accept. In the event he wins, you must then release them.
- In the case of imprisonment, all demands formulated to the prisoners MUST BE reasonable. Demands may not be used to abuse the system and to bait for kill reasons. Admins reserve the right to decide if the demand is reasonable or not.

In-Game Complaint and Admins:
Admins are punishing on a set template for punishments, as well bans may vary in length depending on the situation and on the player's attitude during the complaint.
Admins reserve the right to force players to accept refunds in complaints.
Admins are not required to help you when not wearing Admin Tags (TA, A, SA, HA). If no admins are online you are asked to make a forum complaint. Obvious, exceptions would include Mass RDM and other incidents that affect a large amount of the server population.

- Admins will always use tags when administrating. NO EXCEPTIONS
- Admins will not be biased in any situation
- Admins can not give away gold or spawn in combat items for any players (even if they want to purchase an item) unless it's for a refund or event. Non-combat items are fine(Excessive spawning of food is prohibited)
- Admins will join either outlaws or commoners while on duty
- Admins are NOT allowed to deal with their own/faction’s complaint
- Admins are NOT allowed to vote during a poll for Lord
- Admins are NOT allowed to roleplay or serf on duty
- To request an admin, message a single message in admin chat (backspace) explaining what happened, when, and who was involved. Messages that do not include this information will be ignored.
- Do not spam admin chat! Message once or if they fail to reply within 20 minutes send another or make a forum complaint.
- You cannot have any hostilities towards/as a player talking to an admin wearing admin armor (Black Armor). Any excessive attacking, punching, kicking, etc. of such players (or admin) will result in you being slain/banned. Should someone talking to an admin initiate on you please report it to that admin and it will be dealt with as soon as possible.
- Admins can heal for 5000 gold under 50 players. Ask an admin for a heal by pressing Backspace.
- Admin heals cannot be given while a faction is under siege/sieging or in combat.
- Leaving your faction temporarily to receive an admin heal while your previous faction is at war is considered loopholing and is strictly forbidden.

Exploiting glitches/bug abusing:
- Abusing scripts or bugs on the map to gain an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited.
- Carts, saddlebags, or ships may not be used to obstruct or inhibit other players. For example, using a cart to obstruct movement in a siege scenario.
- Carts, saddlebags, or ships may also not be used to obviously obstruct arrows/bolts/melee(Admins reserve the rights to dictate obvious, not the player).
- You may not kick a player from your faction while they are spawning in to force them to lose their class.
- Carts being used to push players off a bridge or structure is considered glitching/griefing and will be punished.
- Horses may not be used to block spawns or the only path from the spawn (Ie. the only exit from a building the spawn is in). You may, however, use a shield wall or body block spawn.
- Autoblockers/AutoAimers will be banned permanently without appeal

- Griefing of faction property is illegal (Mass Breaking Doors/Chests, Buying out stocks, etc. is not allowed).
- Despawning gear by using a glitch is considered griefing and is not allowed.
- You may not spam global chat.
- Each castle is allowed to have a maximum of 3 of each of the types of carts within faction lands(The only exception is if the castle starts with more after a map reset).

All reports of harassment will be taken seriously by Eden staff - false complaints/ban baiting will result in severe consequences.

- You may not constantly follow and berate, halt or grief another player.
- You may not pretend to be someone who you are not, for instance, pretending to be an admin whilst you are not or having faction tags equipped when you are not in that faction.
- You may not post or release personal information about a player.
- You may not spam racial slurs in chat (3 or more times within quick succession).
- Offensive names including slurs or personal information towards/about a player are prohibited from faction/player names.
- Administrators reserve the right to force any player or faction to change their name.
- Admins telling you to change your faction/character name is not a request, if refused you will face punishment.
- No impersonating any clan tag or a similar variation of it.

Alternative Keys and VPN
- Players are allowed one alternate CD key that may only be used for the sake of being an autodoc, serf, or crafting class.
- Once a war is declared on your faction, you must have your alt CD key log off within 1 minute (unless it's an auto doc).
- The building of ladders using an alt CD key is strictly forbidden, no matter the circumstance.
- The repairing of doors during an active war using an alt CD key is strictly forbidden.
- Factions are limited to only having one auto doc that is not allowed to be within an unreachable area for the enemy (inside castle spawn for example).
- The use of a VPN or alternate CD keys to ban evade will result in an IP perm ban without appeal.
- You may not use alternate keys to store or transfer money to another player or your main key.
- You may not use alternate keys to gain a strategical advantage on someone you are at war with (meaning you cannot log onto a key that is logged out at each banner point with a banner, or in or near another faction for the sake of spying or other activities)


Planned map rotations will be once every two weeks and only maps with a sense of atmosphere will be used (MAPS TBD)
Eden Isle
Valley of Swamps
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Experience new custom maps and fun gameplay! Aiming to bring an RP element back to PW (hurts to say PK) Do what you miss! rp as the town watch, roam as some bandits killing anyone on sight while being hunted by 20 or more armored knights or explore as a traveller learning the unique economy of the maps maybe even find a trade route buying armour at one castle selling it at another for profit! Who knows? Maybe you might even just enjoy finding the dozens of easter eggs hidden areas and quick routes to bypass a long journey!


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