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Tavern minigames: draw and AI

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It is very easy (especially if playing as black) to get into a repetitive draw in the tavern minigames MuTorere (Vlandia) and BaghChal (Battania), but there is no option for the player or AI to offer a draw or for an automatic stalemate. It is also very possible to get into repetition in Tablut and Seega (and something a beginner or better AI might do).

The implementation for stalemate could be something like chess, with 3 repetitions. The AI for offering/accepting a draw could be simple: some formula of how many total moves have been played in the game and how many moves have been played without progression (pieces captured, if applicable).

And a thought on the Tablut AI (which I've played the most): it's a great game but the AI (on hardest) keeps hanging pieces and usually not capturing when I hang mine. An easy way to up the difficulty a little would be to give a bit of code to at least keep it from hanging pieces, because it's not making some grand strategy here, and materiel counts.

Btw, kudos on making not one minigame, but six, including some excellent ones (I enjoy Tablut and Puluc quite a lot; haven't spent enough time with the others). Tabletop game design is a heck of a process in itself and it looks like you outsourced to some great people.

e1.5.10 Win10
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