Tardet's New Gambling House | SEMI FINALS are LIVE

Should there be a weekly refill (of a rather small amount)?

  • Yes -> It makes the gambling house more active and entertaining

    Votes: 15 46.9%
  • No -> It would twist the contest

    Votes: 17 53.1%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .

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French Toast
I had some personal IRL issues which are keeping me rather busy atm, but fear not, I might not have been able to do all I expected for this WNL but I will pay up what I promised.

I am currently doing some final updating and verification and I shall be able to announce the results very soon.


French Toast
Sorry it took a while but:

1st: Sanel (Paid)
2nd: Defaldor (Awaiting payement)
3rd: Donut (Paid)

I just have to wait to be friend with Defaldor for more than 3 days so I can send him his payment through steam.

Thanks everyone for participating, see you around.
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