Talking to Prisoners

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So, how do you do this exactly? I took over a castle and there was a Noblewoman in the dungeons, so I went to talk to her. But got "I am not allowed to talk to you". Though, fair, it's not my castle, hasn't been voted on yet.

Later on, got a different castle, and two noblemen in there. This time, explicitly my castle. They both still say "I am not allowed to talk to you". Like, **** I am the Lady of the Castle, the Head of the Clan. Who is telling them they can't talk to me?
I might be wrong but I don't think there's anymore dialogue to it than that
Which summarises the extent of the depth of the dialogue in this game in general

Would be cool to have it like back in Warband where you could let noble prisoners in your castle go for increased relations/honour
I think you are right, no other dialogue line with prisoners in dungeons for the moment.
And yeah being able to let them free and gain relation could be nice.
A little side note but we get a good relation boost when donating noble prisoners to allies lords.
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