Taleworlds, this is false advertising and you know it

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No you're not bad, kick is pretty much useless, it doesn't guarantee a free hit, at least with most the weapons I've tested. If someone knows how to do it though, I'd like to know.
Well thats enterly subjective. I personally like the combat much more in Bannerlord. So stop ****posting

I have to admit that I am finding the combat quite a bit better than Warband myself. I think most people's issues with it is that it doesn't work exactly like it did in Warband. I know for the first 20 hours I was constantly b*tching and moaning because of it, however once I realized I it worked just a bit different from what I was used to and adapted to it, it was like a light switch was turned on and I found it much improved.
Why are people even bringing up other combat games? There might be some polishing to do, but it's essentially already where it should be. It's a Mount and Blade game, stop asking for something else. It shouldn't be like Mordhau, go play Mordhau if that's what you like. Mount and Blade is much more about the commanding an army aspect, deal with it.
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