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So bows just got way more complicated with the new patch, every bow has to have a distinct feeling.
Sure, that is what happened and there are tons of other topics about it. My annoyance is with something different.

I'm testing the new bows and combinations, Bannerlord has a nice UI which shows the stats of every weapon.
Well, here is the problem. These stats are mostly useless which is very frustrating as the only way to test them now is empirical which there is no way for other than skirmish mode.

For example take the Fian;
The stronger longbow perk has a firerate of 84 (is this 84 arrows per minute or what does even mean?)
A bit slow to my liking, so I choose the heavy armor perk.
You get a bow with a firerate of 85.

So in combination with the heavy armor that should even out or be worse.
I can tell you that, even if the armor doesn't reduce the fire rate, the difference isn't 1,2% between the bows but way bigger.

If you look at the Ranger;
85 fire rate for the stronger longbow
89 for the 2h axe perk.

I took 2 videos and compared them side by side, the difference isn't 6% but more like 25%.

Then the Ranger has a bow called longbow, the fian has also a weapon called longbow. These 2 weapons have the same stats. How can a weapon with the same name, same texture have different stats? That is just a not so smart design choice, if you pickup a longbow now you don't know which stats it has. Every weapon should have an unique name.

So @NIN3 @AVRC , can improvements be made on this part? Currently it feels like there are hidden stats behind each bow and because of this, the stats don't make sense. In Warband you had the weapon stats and the class stats to account for. In Bannerlord you have to account for the weapon stats (which are vague), class stats (which are vague), armour (I think) and some other stats we don't know.

In my eyes, it got unnecessarily complicated and I would love to see some clarity, especially from a competitive standpoint.

Look at CSGO, weapon 1 fires rate A and weapon 2 fires rate B, it is cut and dry (most comp games are). Thanks in advance.


MP Dev
Your points are correct.
The stat calculations are based on the old system for the bow mechanics, we will update them.
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