Taleworlds once said...(finish the sentence)

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...that ambushing was a planned feature, however, after implementing it, they found that it didn't really work well with the way their sandbox plays out, and ultimately, it wasn't much fun for the player.


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TW once said: "you'll be able to leave companions in cities (true) and detachments of soldiers with them (false), just tried this the other day and of course it wasn't there, just another axed feature :roll:


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...There are some polishing to be done & edges to be rounded.



Taleworlds still say:
“We intend to use a range of different methods to gather player feedback and data throughout the early access period. These include engaging with users directly on our official forum and our Steam forum, requesting specific feedback through questionnaires, hosting and participating in multiplayer events alongside our community, and using analytics tools to gather data.”


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Oh boy i found a good one:

Taleworlds once said "It doesn’t matter if a game has awe-inspiring art or wonderful writing if its gameplay is clunky, repetitive or downright boring. In Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, game design is king too – we want it to be as open, full of possibilities, dynamic, and engaging as a sandbox can possibly be."


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Taleworlds once said...
...The vast majority (i mean VAST) of the testers love it.
(referring to the MP class system)

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