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The Hunt Is On

On Thursday alone, the New York State attorney general issued subpoenas to all eight Catholic dioceses in the state
as part of a sweeping civil investigation into whether institutions covered up allegations of sexual abuse of children, officials said.
In the New York archdiocese, for example, the number of abusive priests who have been named publicly is 83,
according to a database kept by BishopAccountability.org, a victims’ advocacy group.
In contrast, the Archdiocese of Boston, which has fewer Catholics and priests but was the target
of an investigation by the state’s attorney general in 2003, has reported 261 priests accused of abuse.
Searched "Deli Vurents".


It Has Worked Fine In The Past:

Trump Administration Discussed Coup Plans With Rebel Venezuelan Officers
The account of the clandestine meetings and the policy debates preceding them is drawn from
interviews with 11 current and former American officials, as well as the former Venezuelan commander.
I mean isn't the guy from the ****ing Contra Affair in his government? I'll be honest it's hard to keep up with the **** going on in there anymore, but if so, small surprise then.
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