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kurczak said:
Some witness said that a lightning hit the bottom of the middle pillar and it started to crumble immediately, but I don't know, that doesn't sound right...

Could be a large throughput cable inside the bridge tearing apart first causing a bright flash of electricity. It was probably crumbling before , but the bright flash caught everyone's eye to it.
kurczak said:
It was so tall because it went all across a valley.


Some witness said that a lightning hit the bottom of the middle pillar and it started to crumble immediately, but I don't know, that doesn't sound right...

Piss off, why would you put apartment blocks under a bridge like that. I know Genoa is hilly and fragmented but that just seems comical.

I know why I'm so angry now. I've seen this bridge before on Google Earth.
Curious thing to be angry about :smile: Don't know about Genoa, but when they built this little number in Prague, the houses had already been there for I'm guessing 50 to 100 years.

Comrade Temuzu said:
kurczak said:
Bridges collapsing under me <weight joke ba dum tish> are up there with being trapped in a coal mine (thx dad) on my list of crippling fears.
Did your dad watch a lot of Heavy Metal?
Is that a pun I'm not getting? No, he just thought it would be edifying to take little kids on a school trip to a coal mine and while there describe vividly how over 100 people had died slowly and painfully not that long ago in a coal mine just a few kilometers away that was almost exactly like this one, kids! Most of them burned to death in a fire and to make sure the fire wouldn't spread the government decided to oxygen starve the fire by walling in all exits, but don't worry, they had been almost certainly all dead by then anyway. Isn't learning fun? Why all you all crying?
Farcdahaterz69 said:
Did you play "pick up coals and throw them in the mine cart"?
Only the highest quality of cadres had the honor of fueling the steel heart of socialist economy. The lowly peasants like myself were shipped to the countryside to roll up hales of bay (which was actually kinda fun tbh) and pick redcurrant, gooseberries and potatoes (which was actually kinda ****ing nightmare tbh) or if you had been a really good girl, herd sheep and goats.
things escalated between Turkey and the US with more tariffs sanctions and other declarations of 'war'. many analysts are predicting a rapprochement between the EU and Turkey. Erdogan met with Merkel today, two greek soldiers were freed yesterday and head of Amnesty International Turkey was freed today. I am still sceptical but we'll see.

many government officials were cheerful a few years ago when Trump got elected, thinking that Trump wouldn't care about human rights so Turkey would be free to mind its own business. Now we have two populists both unable and unwilling to reconciliate.
They will expect to be receiving drums of oil but when they open them they will find they are drums of compressed debt and inflation.
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