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Please, please, please TaleWords, let us edit the appearance of the parents and brother at the beginning of the game.

Literally, my autism prevents me from starting this game because my parents and brother look idiotic. Stupid hairstyles, eye colors that make me think I'm adopted, random skin tone, my brother who's either a giant or a dwarf compared to me...

Editing your family is as important as editing your characters if I'm going to get into this game! It's great that their faces are generated based on the characters' faces, but please: allow us to change the hairstyle, complexion and height of our parents and brother at the beginning of the game, it's important! (for me)

This is important for the TALE because I want my father, like Mufasa, to look at me with pride from the heavens, and not be an albino with an idiotic mustache!

PS I know it can be done with mods, but it happens after the beginning of the game, which breaks the entire immersion
The Height and skin tone of the father and both brothers should be the same as the player, the height of your mother and sister can be smaller but definately not higher as most women tend to be smaller then men. The eye colour you inherit of one of the parents counts for your siblings as well. And the hair styles you should be able to customize at a barber as long they are in your party in the city. And this should be Standard for every game you start. Grtz Vaan.
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