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Balance or not, undocumented changes aren't good. TW has done this many times since the beta. Even if the change is desired by the community, randomly changing stuff silently while there are people trying to play tournaments is a pain in the ass. I mean I don't need to say it at this point, but BL will never ever be a serious competitive game, and this is one of the hundreds of reasons why.

It was the best choice to abandon that happening long, long ago.


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I know that Chris said he doesn't hate TWs. But honestly at this point I do. Its apparent they don't care about MP and that is apparent by their banning of some of the most active players in the community for comments they make ingame. Obviously they have never played inside their own community but they need to grow a thicker skin and realize that they are only succeeding in draining the lifeblood of the community.

Not to mention the ****show that was Callum's recent youtube dev update. Like bro, you claim there has been a massive update to MP while all I have seen is the implementation of terrible features like the perk system which nullified all balancing of the game we performed literally over the last 2 years! And the removal of the death stat on both the main page as well as the INGAME SCOREBOARD. I am getting angry just writing this as it seems my 8 years of faith and playing your games made by your company because I am constantly getting banned from the forums despite the fact that I do not meme on here I bring real issues but of course you people only want to suppress that. PATHETIC, SAD!

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It is very simple. Look at a thriving game such as Deep Rock Galactic. When you are looking for games in the evening you can usually find a game with some of the developers. They play their game actively, because they like what they create and are truly passionate about it. What I can tell is that NIN3 has some of that, but one passionate developers is not going to do the trick. I can say I am rather active on the forums and I have no idea who the MP developers even are, what their priorities are, and a lot of extra things. It is indeed rather disappointing that a game with such potential is treated like this.
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