Tales of Gallorr the Barbarian

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Gonna start posting here about the tales of Gallorr the Barbarian. Its time for another Saga....
If you're interested in the story there´s more in the Youtube description...

Wish there was some kind of headbands or something in this game but hey lesser weight the better ^^

Chapter 1: Beasts of Burden

And so begun a new chapter in Gallorr the Barbarians life with his band of bloodthirsty wildlings from Battanias deep woods.
Their baptize by fire was ordered by the King to knock on the Empires doorstep to see if someone was home....


Chapter 2: Nia´s Secret

As we patrolled more to the east after taking out the small outpost from the Empire our scout found a small raiding party in the passage we where going thru. Nia the untamed war maiden who used to live close to Gallorrs home had an disturbing look on her mind when she heard the report. There was things she never told him about her past. But Gallorr could see it in her eyes which he then could reflect back to his own soul, the anger from an past which never could be caged....


Chapter 3: An Deadly Impact

We had to turn back home to fill up our provisions but our scout Aeric heard something down the creek and went ahead to investigate. Not long after did we saw him running back towards us screaming; brace yourselves! An small recon team is heading close our way. Nia laughed at him and screamed whats up with you my little bunny, nothing we cant handle.

Little did we know that we´re about to encounter an well trained scout unit of which our army where to weak to handle right now with all the injured soldiers from the last battle and now we have to fight for our lives.
Crows and foxes where watching from an distance in the shadows as the slaughter begun painting the ground with warm black blood.
Gallorr could feel that Arawn -God of death where watching from somewhere with em and that there´s no mercy for em now!


Chapter 4: Life on a Thread

Almost home, almost.....What are you punishing me for Agrona godess of slaughter and war. Is it because of our lust for revenge or havent i proven my worth enough in your eyes with bravery. Gallorr watched the army marching in pain. Blood trails where making marks from the wagons and some young new bloods where trying to cover the tracks to keep us safe from enemy scouts.

Shaman Tynops came up to him and asked if everything was alright. But Gallorr stared in to the horizon with firm eyes determined to overcome these constant obstacles. Then responded -If there where only a way. It seems were running out of luck now and we really need to replenish at home!

Then a horn suddenly shouted out and someone screamed with an tired warriors breath...-Empire troops in coming brace yourselves!

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No horse was hurt during this recording and theres no hard feelings between the horse and the protagonist, it was all scripted. They are actually close friends behind the stage. Even shared a gi...parachute once. They where drunk and the horse had to explain to his wife about the box and the smell of faul latex in the basement... Damn it! Ive said to much, Stu call the feds for the witness protection program

Chapter 5 Prologue: The Home coming

As Gallorr and his band of beasts where putting up a camp near the river close to an Battanian outpost. They could finally get some rest. The men where relieved as they drank and ate loudly and you could hear em laughing and shouting. Nia and Aeric where sitting pretty close to eachother Gallorr noticed and was telling stories as they both bursted out in laughter keeping eye contact. Could be the mead he thought to himself..

He then sat by himself to catch some breath by an old oak tree up the hill where he encountered this remarkable little girl. She was afraid at first since men like him from the forrest where often seen as dangerous beast by the general population. But after some conversations and a gift Gallorr gave to boost her courage to become this great adventurer she so often dreamed of, they parted as friends.

As he shucked more mead down his soar throat he couldnt keep his eyes open. As he fell in to sleep on this hot summer day with laughter coming from the river the same old dreams came to haunt him once more. Screaming villages, demons riding in the night with hungry eyes seeking blood and fear in to innocent families homes

Suddenly he woke up and Nia dropped by. -Gallorr! Empire scouts are here and some villagers need our help! Gallorr took his sword and started to run towards the sound of screams



Chapter 6: The Vladian General

The group packed their bags because they got orders from Battanias royal guard to investigate an rogue general in the west who has been reported raping and pillaging villages. Something was wrong with the Barbarian, the whole group could feel it very intensely. And even if the shaman tried to talk to him he just fended it of like an fly he wanted to smash. Tynops knew they were´nt ready to fight Vladians at this point since they still had weak and very few men at hand. And Vladians are known for their discipline and heavy troops including well armed Crossbowmen and Shock Cavalry. But Gallorr wouldnt listen.

As they made it to the outskirts they could see an burning village in the distance. Gallorr screamed, I want em dead by my feet and their eyes burnt out. Tynops could feel something was wrong with that small force still pillaging in the village and wanted to say something but couldnt. Gallorr was out for blood and there was nothing he could say to stop him.

When they came half the way down the ally the Vladian soldiers spotted em and started to run to a field couple of hundred meters away from the village. Gallorr ran as fast as he could to catch up on em and after his men. When they got past an hedge suddenly Nia bursted out....an camp up ahead. Out came the rest of the army with shock troops who had got warned by the soldiers who came from the village. The Vladian General rode out with a smile on his face. -Look here boys, we got ourselves some fresh cubs heading our way. Time to collect some pelts for our wives

Gallorr didnt care about the share strength of the enemy troops, he just ordered everyone straight in to the eagles claws......


Chapter 7: Where there is a will there is a way

After the humiliation Gallorr and his men where left to rott in Saragoth darkest of dungeons. But Aeric that slick bastard found a way to get em out. They fled out from the sewers filled with rats and **** to then luckily find an patrolling Battanian Lord at the same place they fought the Vladian Duke. However little did they knew that the Lord was followed by another Empire scout force on patrol. Gallorr took a deep breath and said to his men - here we go again!


Chapter 8: The Knight in shining armor

As they got transported along a narrow road towards an well known slave trader town by the mountains in Empire territory they suddenly got attacked by an unknown force rushing at em from all sides. Flesh and blood got stained from left and right as arrows rained over the whole convoy. Empire recruits that where transporting the slaves didnt stood a chance as men with axes jumped out from the big rocks cutting em down all confused and scared. It was an Battanian lord to the rescue or well he accidentally stumbled across the convoy heading towards a mission behind enemy lines. Gallorr and his men where lucky this time even if fortune havnt been so kind to em recently.
Now that lord wanted Gallorr to tag along on his quest for glory and fame and they ended up looking at a castle in the middle of nowhere.
Gallorr looked at him and asked - Why this one ?
Pryndor just smiled at him and replied - Its just to see how Empire will react you see. Its an tactical test of strength. Cause and effect so to speak.
Pryndor then raised his axe to the sky and shouted to all the men. -Lets have some fun! And the first who gets their commander im buying the whole night at the inns tonight. Chaaargeeee!!!!

It was here the expression was born....I used to be an adventurer just like you, but then i took an arrow to the head!


Chapter 9: Clash of Titans

After the siege was done Gallorr told Pryndor that his group had to go back to replenish. Pryndor insisted that he should take some of his men with him as there where bandits and brigands reported on the way.
As they got close to the border by the mountains of Battania they clashed in to an army of Barbaric warriors from the north.

Gallorr got fire lit in to his eyes and the joy of passion for combat grabbed him while the adrenaline started to kick in...
-This is gonna be fun he busted out while he grabbed his sword and started to run against the horde!

-Warning for brutality-


Chapter 10: Steel of Cronos

When they finally came back to their usual camping spot, Gallorr got confronted by Tynops.
-Ive spoken to the gods, its time... he said.
Gallorr nodded and they headed out by horses to the mountains and left Aeric behind to manage the camp.
They then climbed up the mountains of Koor and entered the chambers of Cronos to receive the sword of forgotten souls from an particular old man living inside the mountain with his wife. As they climbed down again they spotted an small Battanian force chasing down an Empire scout unit and Gallorr where quick on his feet to try out the new sword



Chapter 11: Conflict of men

Aeric ran quickly towards em from the encampment when he saw Gallorr and the others coming back.
A war had been breaking out between Battania and Vladia while they where away and he had spotted an small army in the woods.
Gallorr ordered an messenger to get more troops from an castle not far away and gathered all the men to intercept

"Its time for some divine intervention....i´ll kick ass for the lord!" - Braindead
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Chapter 12: Hunting Rabbits

Couple of Vladians fled but Gallorr and his men went straight after. Gallorr could´nt stand Vladians surviving after an battle especially fleeing like cowards. Deep down he couldnt even accept one Vladian on this earth because of something in the past. But he had forgotten the words from Cronos and would the gods allow this to happen ? Who´s innocent here and could it be judged from this ?


Chapter 13: The ice castle

Gallorr got an message from one of his old friends Mengus who now have become an Fen (lord) in the Battanian familly. He needed him in the east to deal with an problem he got from raiding Sturgians disturbing his fiefdoms. Gallorr didnt like the idea to leave the opportunity to kill more Vladians but he could´nt leave an friends request, especially from an old friend like Mengus. He was always in the middle of some crazy adventures. Was it the gods who toyed with Mengus or himself that toyed with em. No one could figure that part out.
-Whos Mengus? Aeric asked. Nia chipped in -Just some crazy bastard with an lets say raw sense of humor.
Gallorr looked at her and nodded
-Yeah, that young man has been thru a lot of crazy adventures already and could make an old grizzley blush comparing em....Gallorr said
-Didn´t he kill two bears once with his sword when he took a piss in the early morning by an waterfall close to where they had put up their camp, Nia continued
-Aye those crazy bears where fishing at that same spot and got furious by seeing an man suddenly standing there pissing in the water in front of em and they thought attacking was an good idea Gallor replied
They both laughed very loud
-Lets go! I dont want it to be to dark when we get there so he do´nt accidentally kill us taking a dump in the forest.
They both started to laugh even more...Nia even stumbled on a logg because of that.
Aeric looked a little nervous and laughed awkwardly.
Nia looked at him with an soft smile and said - Come now my little bunny he isnt that bad as you think. He is actually a really good guy and he sure has good stories to tell of which i know you like
Gallorr raised his eyebrows little surprised on how Nia acted out and talked like she did when she was an little cub. He was more used to the warrior side of her. She noticed it and quickly embarrassed shifted her face to an more serious look acting like nothing had happened

When they got to the eastern provinces they met up with Mengus and his plan was to burn an castle to the ground and nail the Sturgians who had ravaged his lands to the gates of his own. Neighborly love he called it


Chapter 14: Glory beyond eternity

As Mengus where putting up the last Sturgian and nailed him alive to the doors of his castle he then turned to Gallorr.
He had an gift planned as thanks for helping out with the pest in his lands. They now traveled back far west towards the Vladian lands.
But it was not the outskirts this time but straight in to the eagles nest. They traveled thru narrow passes and snuck their army around towns on the way. Mengus had already prepared scouts and spies for the journey. Tynops where not found at all of the idea and where very concerned since he also knew Mengus was crazy beyond reason for a glimt of thrill.
They ended up facing an large castle watching it from an forest close by. It was built with the most advance walls and defense equipment.
Tynops looked at Mengus and said that he really was crazy of having an idea to attack the King of Vladias personal treasure fort. And even if they got in how would they even get out and home when whole Vladia is going to respond to it.

Gallorr did´nt care blinded by rage and where quick to help out the soldiers carrying out the ram to the gates.


Chapter 15: Unfinished Business

They where all in trance finding chests filled with denars everywhere. And they where even discussing to make a second trip back because they couldnt carry everything. Tynops then lost his mind and starting to yelling at everyone. - Are you all completely mad! he busted out.
Suddenly he got knocked out by an hard punch to the side of his face. After Mengus put Tynops at one of the carriages he told em that he had a grand finally waiting for em since he got some intel about an prison that would concerned Gallorr and he wanted to see if his spies where telling the truth. It was also owned by an Vladian lord who had an reputation for being ruthless.

They started to pack everything they could and headed out as quick as they could before Vladian reinforcements where coming. And as the night set in they reached the prison. The banners of it was from that Lord who had captured Ballorr and his men earlier and Ballorr was smiling knowing that tables had turned. However that was not something what Mengus had in his mind and even knowledge about. But it was something more with weight, deeper rooted on to his concerns



Chapter 16: Broken Promises (Prologue II)

As they slaughtered the last guards and entered the Lords Hall, Gallorr saw an painting on the wall. The group reacted by seeing him just standing there quite. It wasnt the lord that captured em earlier but an older man that had similarities to him. Probably an relative.
Then suddenly he threw the painting to the floor and got furious. - I will kill that man!
Mengus who just came in to the hall tried to calm him down and said that there was something else he wanted to show him. But only when he was calm.
They went down to an hidden basement where there was an torture room and some prison cells.
Mengus opened an door to one of the cells and there where an slim old man shivering in an corner like an beaten dog.
Mengus then explained that he saw some papers, an list about the prisoners who was held here which he got from an spy who was working as a guard. And there he found out that Gallors father actually was alive.
Mengus was with Gallorr that night when his village got raided by an Vladian lord and that they managed to flee together while they saw Gallors parents and both sisters got slaughtered behind em....

When Gallorr realized that they had tortured his old man as they did in the most gruesome way ever seen, he went out on an rampage!.

He took his men to get back to the usual spot where they set up their encampment to recruit some old veterans in the older parts of the woods. He also knew a right man for this kind of job and wanted to pay him a visit.....
But on the way he spotted an Vladian village not far from there and Gallor blinded by his rage couldn't hold back. - I want em all dead he screamed.
When they where finished killing the men trying to protect their families who most fled down the creek since Nia told the men to let em go because she knew Gallor was´nt himself

Gallorr still in rage saw an barricaded door and started to chop it down with his sword. When he breached thru, ready to take care of the rest who was hiding he saw an little girl standing in the shadows frighten as she have ever been

-Its you! she replied with mixed feelings as she looked up and saw it was him. Gallorr then went from being an enraged bull to his knees, dropped his sword and started crying hopelessly......she then suddenly went in to an second chock, ran passed him and screamed after her father to see if he still was outside......


Chapter 17: Death is another way of living

When Olindra came out from the door she could see all her neighbors laying there in their own pool of blood. Some where trying to crawl to safety but didnt came long until they where out of their last breaths, others where screaming as their limbs got cut off. Nia came up to cover her eyes but the girl pushed her aside to run up to her father that where laying there lifeless on the ground.

When Gallorr came out from the door, she then started to charge at him with an knife that she found on an body on the ground. He didnt react at all and just stood there with his head bowed down. Like he just wanted her to end him right there and now.

When she was not far from Gallorr, Nia came from nowhere and swept her away as she disarmed her at the same time.
- Calm now little Girl, she said. We all have suffered long enough during these wars. She then took her down to the river.

Tynops then went up to Gallorr and asked. -What are we going to do now boss ?
Gallorr just stood there with his head still bowed down not saying a word. Almost like himself died due to this moment in time.

Then after couple of minutes he looked up in to Tynops eyes with fires that suddenly got lit in em
Tynops then backed abruptly being afraid that he had said something wrong again.
- Were still on a hunt and gonna kill that lord from the castle we just came from, Gallor busted out filled with lust for vengeance.

As the group headed out, they now came to the old forests of Battania. It was the way they usually took to cross the borders to Vladia. Suddenly they could hear some strange language coming from within. They could also hear some strange kind of animals making noises everywhere.
Suddenly a man on a horse came up from nowhere and hell broke loose


Chapter 18: Lost in an new world

Gallorr woke up by an speed bump and he was totally lost of where he was. Everything was so hot suddenly and all he could see was sand rolling underneath from the cage he now sat in. Right in front of him sat Olindra starring at him with hateful eyes.
He then turned his head away some what ashamed and continued to stare towards the horizon in front of em which was only dust burning miles away. She screamed at him -Are you just ignoring me. After all you did! You are truly an beast like all the people are saying. You all are! She then looked away trying to contain her anger.

They where only accompanied by an small army of warriors who looked just like those they encountered in the forrest.
Suddenly they could hear someone shouting in the front and out from the dunes came an horde of horsemen. The carriage driver turned em away quickly and got accompanied by some men from the royal guard as they left the battlefield behind em. They fled in to the mountains but now they where trapped in there. A band of bandits charged right at em but the guards managed to fend em off. When the bandits where preparing for an second attack the driver decided to let Gallorr and Olindra out. They both grabbed some weapons that they found on the dead bodies and prepared to defend em selves


Chapter 19: Gallorr of Aseradia

As they finished of the last bandit they all celebrated loudly so the whole valley could hear em. They also surrounded Gallor for his act of bravery. They had never seen anything so wild and crazy like him on an battlefield before. It was something in their culture of which was valued more then anything to have such bravery....
Gallor could understand this without any words spoken....For some reason he felt like home and this made him stronger inside again.
He even started to show and learn out some cool tricks with the sword to one of the men as the rest stood around, happily talked to each other and made "woooo" noices when Gallor did any cool sword moves.
Olindra who just got to her senses wiped the blood of her face and nodded to her savior with respect and the old veteran nodded back and blinked with an friendly smile as an sign of trust which shifted Olindras mood to the better.
One of the guards then suddenly said something and pointed to the road that was leading out from the pass and all took their stuff and started to walk.

As they came a bit out from the mountains one of the soldiers pointed at the horrizon where they could see some small band of looters. And since they didnt have any water nor food, they just had to take a chance to see if they got anything. Gallorr got pushed gently in front from the men pointing at the looters as they wanted him to lead em to Glory.

Gallor then showed a sign for em to hold when they came closer to the looters as they where now crazily charging at em. They probably also where out of supplies and was desperate.....


Chapter 20: One step at a time

They didnt find a thing on the looters except for some rusty old weapons and one of the guards ordered em all to move out. They went miles on end until they started to find land that was a little bit more greener. Gallorr was so hungry now that he constantly where looking out for lizards or something he could catch but they where always to fast for him. He was more used to catch larger animals back home in the woods. Not slick and smart ones like these.They found a big river couple of more miles in and they all started to drink from it like animals. Some went in bathing and floating on their backs as they started to relax after the long trip.....

But it didnt took long until they heard drums of war in the horizon and they could hear a big clash of men starting to fight. They went towards the noises carefully and as they went over an small hill the whole battle unfolded towards em. Horses where running around in chaos and men with fear and anger shared their blood on the ground. Luckily one of the armies closest to em where from Aserai which was the same faction as the one who had captured Gallorr and Olindra. As if luck had another meaning now for survival...
Their general and his men went up to em and talked to the guards. Didnt took long as they now could hear the drums going more intense from the war musicians...The battle was now starting to get closer to them and the general assembled the men as he pointed to em to prepare for impact..


Chapter 21: Shes growing up to fast

The men who was with em earlier picked up Gallorr after the battle. He got an arrow stuck thru both his cheeks and blood came pouring from his mouth. He was now their hero and they started to treat him like an brother they known all their lives. As they broke the tip of the arrow and pulled it out they patched his shoulder and smiled as they talked fast to him like they thought he could understand every word they said.
He just gave a broad smile back with blood all over his teeth, nodding with and confusion attached to his face.
Olindra was still in an rush after the fight, she had pulled off her first kill and it was an spectacular one to. She spotted the old veteran that saved her life earlier looking at her with respect and gave her an sign pointing to the sky. She understood that the gods must have granted her that shot for an purpose. She now also felt a little bit of pride by releasing some of the fears shes been bearing thru this journey and felt a little bit taller. Even if she still was an little girl she now had tougher experience beyond most of the men from her village even if it was something no one should ever had to see. But still she was a little bit great full being there right now, since adventures was something she felt ran deep under her skin and longed for. Even if this was´nt something she ever had in her wildest dreams, it for sure exited her spirit right now.

The general ordered the men to set up an camp so they could rest and replenish until the morning to be able to prepare for the journey to the nearest city. But they didnt come long the next day until they spotted another enemy army heading their way. It was an other enemy general searching for the group that they fought yesterday....
Gallorr looked at Olindra who now had grown with strength and determination as the enemies where charging at em.
He thought to himself, you have become such an little rogue now and started to laugh within as he where building up his strength and tightened his fists around the grip of his sword



Chapter 22: When fate is the only way out

Gallorr finished off an young mans misery on the battlefield and accidentally put stains of blood on Olindras face who now where standing there in chock. His back where a bit numb after all the fighting. And with no proper sleep as well as good food on top of that, it made him a bit grumpy.

However the fight was´nt over. They could hear horns blowing not far from their position and they had to evaluate the situation quickly. Not many men left, Gallorr thought to himself as he screamed to the rest of the men who where left and pointed to the mountains. They tried to run in to an narrow valley but they would´nt get very far before an brigade of mercenaries where waiting for em



Chapter 23: I cursed myself on the day that you died

When Gallorr regained conciseness he could hear men still fighting in the distance. Everything where blurry and his body where not functioning as it should. He tried to crawl up to an small hill in front of him just to see if he could find Olindra. But when he reached the top he found her lifeless body laying there with an arrow to the head. He screamed on the top of his lungs so the whole forest went quite in fear. -Come here!!! and i will tear all your bodies apart piece by piece!!!
Then he suddenly heard Olindras voice behind him saying -Can you stop screaming because im having an headache! When he turned around there she stood, standing there all pale firmly looking at him with an arrow stuck to her head. He looked at her shocked with his mouth wide open.Then suddenly out from nowhere he took an mace to the face and lights went out.

He got awoken by someone kicking him out from an wagon in to the cold snow. He was in an state of almost freezing to death but the mercs did´nt care. One of the guards gave him an old pick that farmers where using to dig up stones with and pointed at the soldiers up front to get in line. They where preparing for an attack and the leader wanted all men out there. Gallorr thought to himself "i need to warm up in some way and might as well"



Chapter 24: No mercy for the lost souls.

Gallorr where now lost. There where no where to go for him. He could´nt forgive himself for being responsible for that little girls death.
The Mercenary commander had offered him an job as a free man under his banner for payment and Gallorr now with nowhere to go took it.
Campaigns went by and the only things that could ease Gallorrs soul where drinking and fights on end. The men didnt like Gallorr one bit and where constantly scheming to get rid of him. It was because of he constantly went in to fist fights with them when he was drunk.
The commander how ever could empathize with the man as he had his own history filled with pain. But he also liked the idea that Galllorr got the men constantly fit for fighting.

As they where setting up an encampment in the middle of the night one of their scouts reported in enemy soldiers close by and they all went out to seek battle



Chapter 25: The Queen of Cloves

Many years had passed. And all Gallorr where doing is to be in constant battle both within himself, with the company or at the fields.
His memories had been faded away and the soul he once had burning within was now like an rotten plank in the bottom of an ocean somewhere dissolving with time.

The men in his company where also constantly trying to kill him but always failed. Even if he thought that it might been an good idea to let em just to get over with it, he just couldn't let pitiful men like them end his life just like that. Had to come from someone at least worthy as an warrior.

After the battle they just fought the commander called Gallorr to come over to his tent and he told him that they just had gotten an major job from the queen of Khuzaits. The commander where all over himself in trance because the job where gonna make em mighty rich. Gallor however wasn't reacting one bit and was only interesting to get back to his keg of mead waiting for him at his tent.
The commander said that they where gonna head out in a couple of days and since Gallorr now was promoted to his personal bodyguard he had to come with him..this since the queen was also known for being the Black Widow of the East..


Chapter 26: The Big one

As Gallorr got an arrow removed from his left butt cheek the doctor tried to take the opportunity to kill him. This was an mistake since Gallor took him out in front of all the men and showed em not to fool around as he brutally executed the man. The commander came to visit him a couple of days later and shared the hard story of his own and said that they should move out for this final job when Gallorr where all patched up. Gallorr had now also awoken up and where determined to stop drinking.

As they reached the palace to the Khuzait queen they all got welcomed with open arms. But they could tell by the queens acting that she truly where evil inside. However since the reward was so astounding they just had to go for it.
After some pleasantry chit chat she then turned and wanted to present her daughter. An girl came out from the doors but she seemed to be forced to be there when she entered. Then Gallorr saw who it was. Olindra!!! They both looked at each other for a while, both shocked. Olindra was relieved in some way since he was the only one not threatening her to be something shes not.

Then hell broke loose when the queen saw that something was not right. She was afraid that someone could see her dirty little secret of Olindra not being her child and was forced to be there, but she also saw how Gallorr where now analyzing the situation and she had to act. Gallorr erhm threw her over her husbands throne as he killed her guards then took Olindra out from there. The Commander protested but didn't dare to do anything at that point. They both fled out from the palace to the market to then find a big party of guards who screaming out GAAALLLLOORRR!! in all happiness. It was the guards from Aserai they erhmm met and got accompanied by to the desert. They where all on a trading trip with the other more privileged army commander who was there to buy some dresses for his wife. But the celebration didn't took long before they had to flee and the men helped em out from an big commotion that now broke loose in the city. They fought em selves out and managed to flee out to the country side. But an small force of Khuzait mercenary scouts intercepted em on the way.....



Chapter 27: Shaved Ambush By Sinera River

The Aserai commander was´nt at all pleased by the commotion Gallorr had started. Aserai could very much be at war now of which he had to explain to his King. But he just could´nt defy his men who now where seeing Gallorr as their brother and in Aserai culture that was seen as one of their family. He now where also worried about what he should tell the King about this act of war that now where breaking out because of em.
As they got to an river by the border to Aserai they got ambushed by another small Khuzait force who desperately tried to hold em there until the larger reinforcements could catch up....


Chapter 28: The Queens wrath

Olindra took Gallorr who was laying down in the river all messed up and helped him on his feet. They all now where in great danger as the Queens large army where closing in. As they finally got out from the valley in to an open field they all thought that the end was upon em. Big portion of the queens large force where coming from all directions. But suddenly out from the sunset Aserai vassals marched in like angels sent by god and the men now thought they where safe because of the share number. But little did they know that The Queen and her personal bodyguards also where incoming and the fight for life and death where em all close at hand....

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