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the best mode for warband till now , only one provblem after some play , 30 min or so it crashes , first its not responding than crash ,
also please who knows the location of companions and who are they ,
i discover till now only robin hood , in nothinghmam england , but i took him as companion says that he join me but its not in my party or near me in map , so who has a list of all companions and where to find them please say .
Mod is amazing. Battle system is kind of a chore though. Archers don't seem to listen and disabling hotkeys in battle is like playing with two left hands. Can't make quick decisions anymore. Everything else is great though. Mini games, awesome exploration and city management.
Visit a town with the religion of your choice, if you walk around town you should see a priest which you can speak to and convert. 
I know that probably three people use them in general, but I have issues with shield bash and kick - namely neither of them give you enough time to land anything of consequence. If I bash a guy and knock him down I literally cannot attack until he's back on his feet and ready to swing. Where's the point, really?
I just recently found out of this very nice and ambitious mod, thanks a lot to the MO for it!:smile:

Is it still being developed/patched? I am finding many little bugs, nothing game breaking, but yet annoying and was wandering if there are patches planned for a future (any future).

For example: i needed to look for a ruin next to a Thai town...well, I had to use google maps as that town does not exist in game:smile:

I also have a question: how can a looter kill a top tier knight (Ritter I think)?? It happens all the time and it seems really weird....

I don't really understand how the war mechanic works. If you have negative honor you won't be recruited by any faction, and since you apparently can't attack any city, it's impossible to go to war. I also don't understand how army size increases despite having no actual units in the army. I haven't been able to find a tutorial anywhere, anyone knows?
I have encounter a bug.

It's from princess Mandughai from Olkhunuud town, Mongol, Medieval age. First I send message to her, then she said pass the guard to meet her at her room. After I meet and talk to her, the bug message had shown and tell me to report this bug.

P/s: Oh it happen everytime for every princess
I get this error whenever I start the game with this mod

Unable to open file ComonRes\ui_server_filter.brf

I found this file "ui_server_filter.dds" in the textures folder but i don't know what to do, is the file corrupted or what?
I can't even start the game, please help!!
Hey troycall, pretty amaizing mod, congrats for the excelent and beautiful work you did, i just started playing as a viking and its great! Gotta a question about naval battles, will it be possible to board on enemy ships and have sword and gun fights on a ship? maybe when the enemy ship is on low health you could have the option. Greetings from brazil and thanks for this mod.
Great Job. With permadeath would be awesome to see Heirs come into play, maybe even heirs that you can control if your character dies, maybe like rome total war family tree.
Can someone help? I was on a mission to find hidden ruins but when i got back to the town where I was suppose to return to the town got destroyed by some other invading faction and it had to rebuilt its academy all over again. its been 900+ in game days now and so far they had only finish rebuilding the library and book store, no academy.  :sad: Please help guys.
Can anyone help me with fief defense? My fief is under attack (vassal start) and i went to defend it. I got 4 options: duel, surrender, witdraw and spawn.
Duel always gets rejected the option disappears along with withdraw.
Clicking on Spawn simply changes the amount of soldiers to be spawned but doesnt actually start the battle. I have the advantage and will difinetely win but i dont know how to start the battle because there seems to be no other button to click on.
PS: Im using Warband 1.172 on purpose because i also have PoP and like to play an edited version of it.
Is there a way to become Jewish? I can't find a city with it as the main religion (which makes sense) but I want to play as a jew? Is there any way to do that. Thank you
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