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The tactics are very glitchy, the tactical charge command often yells out for my guys to retreat(they dont tho).  Once I get my units say, in a line, and I want them to charge, I have to spam the charge button to get them to max speed(horribly annoying).  And they just walk in a line, not even to the enemies even if they are being told to face the enemies!  They walk to the other side of the map and get stuck.  The tactical charge for the wedge formatioin when using calvarly also causes this problem, they just run to the other side of the map, not even passing through the enemies!

I like most stuff in this mod, but most of the cool combat features I hoped for are a disapointment.  Errors pop up when using any of the battle tactics commands.

Since I played through native using the FormRanks mod, which works very nice, no errors, perfect commands ect, this mod only letting me effectively use normal battle commands is a horrible disapointment.  Is there anyway to fix this?  It is simply just a mod with some nice armor and new units, plenty of those around >.>.

PLEASE SEE http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,62492.msg1621238.html
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