Tactical strategies on the map

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Hi everyone, i'm asking my self if it will be interesting to develop tactical strategies on the world map because to my point, walking on the map is realy easy for everyone so i wish we should be more aware from enemie's moves and geographical events:

1) Warrior road block

2) Security watching from castle owned to ennemie armys movements, or scouting groups (light partys) that can watch an Area and notice us. They are spying and can't be attack!

3)Can we imagine that our army could camps somewhere to keep a position (like a little castle made of wood), makes stocks of food etc...

4) Environment: 4.1) [ bridge/sharp-edged lanscape/forest ] slow big armys (depends on Army size)
4.2) meteorological events decrease instantly party morale
4.3) bridge can be destroyed temporary

5) Use the party for harvest some ressources or do public work (repair bridge, help villages after an enemie raid ) for common good (for free) and get relation points.
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