Swords/Sabres a viable option?

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Hey guys I decided to buy the expansion a couple days ago (Steam Sales ftw)

Just wanting to know if the use of Officer Sabres are actually a viable option.
Musket Bayonets just seem so much faster and stronger - able to OHK quickly whereas sabres are slower and rarely kill instantly.

Is there any technique to using them? Like sprinting for OHK capability?
Has 4 directions, fastest mainstream weapon you'll fight against, easier to chamber with. It's all a matter of learning how to use melee weapons and exploiting the strengths and weaknesses. The 2 hit kill may be an annoyance but it's worth the killing power you get. Swords (and anything else really) are most effective when used by a skilled player.
lol u can chamber a bayo with eyes closed, sword chambering is alot harder since it has 4 directions.. Thing is the bayonet is full of little glitches which can be used to a huge advantage by players.
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