sword tutorial and texture when you have foto

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Ok first thing you need to do is find model you want to do

warning many pictures tutorial
I have choose pretty simple one for basic understanding of model and texture
(right click ->image plane->choose your image)

Now while you need rotate always use lines (or points)
When you do it you can see how your picture rotating and so on.

When you finish it

Things like swords it is easy begin from a cube

Latter extrude or divide it

We always need make at first only ½ or ¼ object others part can be mirrored
So simple we will go and delete half of our object

Select all lines (easy way to do it is pres one or few lines and pres for select all left)
“There is 2 short combinations by selecting lines
With G you select all lines in parallel
With L pressing you select continued lines”

Then you will move your points and will make blade that it will became pretty similar real blade

There is few things we need to use to when we doing things like blade

Ok now it is time when we can begin our uv mapping


There is 2 ways
1)Play with lines
2)or play with faces
This window is very important cause there you planning how looks your texture
Some of the faces can be ignored in this window if you need.
You can cut or uncut edges here

When you finish here next step is continue
There I simple choosing Unfolding or Projection Normal
For few things one is better for others another one

Next our window AutoUV
There is we have all possible ways to play with points lines faces or parts we divided before.
If we don’t have our texture so there we need change our parts size (how bigger size there is so better looking there will have texture)
If there is similar things we can move it one on others top
At this time there we will close this window and go back in first window

There we need pick our image in Outliner window and drag ir to our material
Then we need to choose diffuse
Now we can back in AutoUV window

Now we can select different part like only blade
Or only another one thing
Is there we doing all right we moving direct to in AutoUV window
If there is anyone new face who wasn’t uvmaped before then you go back “autoUV segmenting” window

Now we need put this blade direct on that picture we see
We need rotate, move and scale it

There if need we can play with points or edges

If we close autoUV window after each part (blade, handle,..) we do, then when we select new parts, we see only it in autoUV window

Now we can continue with modeling
Some extruding and putting things in right place

We can add some lines some points, but not more than we minimum need for good looking

In another projection we need to make something like that

Now we will texture that thing

Now when half our sword is completed and textured, we can think about mirrors
We can make image1 invisible by pressing eye in geometry graph window.
Now first thing is delete all lines and points who will be in that big our face, with we use for our mirror

Next step select that whole polygon use absolute command ->move
Set X position =0 pres press flatten and ok
Now we know that our polygon is ready to be used for mirror function

When we do it we can look at our object and if somewhere texture is missing we can back in autoUV window and move some points

When we finish it and if we need, now we can make texture and that one can be used in game.
All textures in games must be like 512x512 or 1024x1024
“It cannot be like 312x258 or so”

For this way we need in autoUV windowpres create texture
Set options for backgrounds “image”
And set for edges (none)

“in another’s way’s when we need paint textures self, then draw edges is very important”.

So the last thing there we left export our new texture


If you have any experience in 2d programs
Then it will be good that you use your first and last images for textures and change it something like that ( for better quality of texture )

So the last result

Now we have everything: real texture and pretty good looking on model
That tutorial was a show how you can model, texture it, again model and again texture. Use one image for first your texture and latter make a real one texture

there is final wigs3d file http://www.mbrepository.com/file.php?id=1691
sorry for mine bad english hope you can undestand



Don´t use photo references as textures, it looks very bad compared with a handpainted one...
Just don´t begin texturing like that, better improve you drawing/painting skills

The modelling part could really help beginners though  :cool:


nice! im a noob but i can make a mace in 3ds max following a tutorial with no texture but when i try wings i find it hard to rotate and when i make a cube it's 10x bigger than the pic and i don't even know how to scale it  :sad:


there is video tutorial with wings3d

rotating in wigs3d work with middle button press (button3)
scale in wings3d it is easy  right click-> scale uniform

in 3ds max modifiers->Unwrap UVW also doing almost the same, just it is some harder to do things like that in 3ds max



Good, very good. I'll take your files to learn modelling because I like wings3d (and M&B).
Do you intend to continue with scabbard modeling and it`s take/put sword animation? It could be very useful for people like me  :cool:
Thanks a lot.
P.S. Sorry for my poor English too.
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