Sword of King Harlaus

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Is it inside or outside the old city walls? I have by now searched the area several times but could only find a staff, a helmet and two jugs with glows...
I can't seem to interact with the staff/helmet/pottery.. I'm hoping it's on purpose, if I find the sword and I can't interact with it that would be a bummer.


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If you read the story you notice that King Harlaus II died in a battle outside the town. So it's a hint to not search within the town's borders.


Because I'm a fun person:
Follow the river downstream. You'll see a light to your right. The butter knife is now found.
What? Did you think I'd have more? You just wasted your time going through 10 extra spoilers for nothing...


Guys, I have the same problem, there's only two potteries, staff and helmet. There's no chest. I saw a video and the chest was on the place of the first pot, near the statue. Could you help me, why can't I find the chest? Or, where is the chest in v2.0?


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Just follow the riddle and u will find it easily. Follow things like go UNDER the broken bridge. a TREE to the RIGHT. You will find a statue near the tree. You will find sword near the statue.
PS. - Sword is not much good. It has almost same specs as Bastard Sword.

Quintillius said:
Somewhere nearby Uxkhal ruins.
Man I've looked everywhere. I followed all the steps again and again for hours. So I have these questions. The tree is that with the statue ok? Then, ''the world stalls'' means i should go to where the map ends? And then patch is a piece of cloth right?.
Also, some other questions. In the new world in the tribal village, the jungle and the mine is there another purpose to them or do you go there to find chests with jewellery and kill natives? Last, in the ''did you knows'' in the wikia it says ''Upon resurrecting the Calradian Empire you'll gain access to new units as Legionnaires, Centurions, Velites and Equites'' by ressurecting the empire it means to form your own empire and simply conquer everything or taking control of the Mithridian empire (somehow, i dont know how) ?. Also in the zendar villages you can recruit rodok levys?
That was too much i think but but anyway this is a terrific mod, probably the best along with Ano Domini 1257. Great job m8    :grin:


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1) Close to statue

2) You can find various chests with fancy jewelry.

3) Form your own kingdom, take 3 cities of either Rhodoks, Swadians or Nordic and get your right to rule up then you can form the Empire get the higest title, access
to troops and more.

4) Zendar and Rhodoks have same culture.

I hope I can answer all of your questions sufficiently. Have fun playing!
Wow fast reply ty. Found the sword jeeeeeesus i overlooked it a thousand times owww you're bad. Also i just started a colony. I read about the cap bug and np with that but i have a question: When I click to start a trade route to my colony in the main page it says no trade routes. Is it impossible in that early stage? (its literally nothing-that early) also i build a wooden castle and it doesnt show when i visit inside the colony. Its the only thing I've built and I've putt 11 guys as garrison
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