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Ok why does it keep posting a 100+ errors when I unzip it? do I have to re-download or is it just windows 7 being a bit of a git?


Hi, thanks for responding! I now can play it, but there comes another problem. At first, everything turns out. I enjoy really much although sometimes I got kicked out to desktop after finishing a battle or even in battle. That annoys me quite alot. But the most thing that makes me crazy is that the game usually stop! Each time like that, it takes about 1 minute or more to countinue. This annoyance, in my opinion, existed right after the invation of the Experior Empire! I don't know if the invation causes this ?! (:grin:) Please help me with it. 
ps: I tried to low all the video performance but it was no use.
Thank you.


Need some help. Been playin' the mod and I love it. I get the occasional bugs that seem to be very common: "Unable to restore vertex buffer" and "c++ runtime error" I get randomly every now and then but I've minimized how much they occur so they aren't really problems.

However, on day 310 this randomly started happening; every time I talk to an NPC the game completely crashes. I get "Mount & Blade has stopped working.....windows is checking for a solution, etc." This never happened until today and now its unplayable. It seems to only happen on one of my characters though, If I switch to a different one it doesn't crash when I talk to NPCs.

What could the problem be, how could it have happened, and how can I possibly fix it?


Hey guys, love the mod, been playing it non stop!!!

Just 1 issue, I do not have the option of talking to the oracle to find out the true date for the legion, its just not there. Was this function removed or is this a bug on my end?



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The game keeps freezing up in the middle of a battle. Half the time it goes back to normal, half the time the game closes.


Hy can anyone give me the script for the party thing ? where you talk to a dude from your party and you tell him to form a new party and then you give him some troops and then commands etc . !


I can't get the mod to extract into my Modules folder. I'm using the 7z extractor but it won't work.
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