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Knight at Arms
Download Ninja “hidden” Mount&Blade 1.011 Patch
(The M&B patch is not required but greatly increases game play with unlimited troop types and bug fixes!)
Tons of useful SoD Links


Sword of Damocles Team:
Cyclohexane, Kuba, and MorrisB

We assembled a new SoD team representing Hungary, Poland, and the United States.  We also need to thank the old teammates of SoD including FleshyStarfish, Mordachai, Shjn, Twan, and vonMistont (the former leader of SoD).  While they have retired, their legend lives on. 

All of the new eye candy I added would not be possible without Kuba’s mad programming skills.  The man behind the scene has fixed hundreds of bugs and spent countless hours making this an awesome mod.  MorrisB’s dialogs, history, and lore bring a new RPG feel and dimension to the game.  It’s still the sandbox game we love, but the characters come alive.  There are still a few known bugs,  but they will not affect game play and this is definitely the most stable and fun version of SoD yet!





Why choose Sword of Damocles?
Sword of Damocles is the most complex and advanced kingdom management mod available.  It does not simply add player's kingdom and lords under his command but it simulates kingdom management by adding population to fiefs, health, ability to create laws, reworking the economy, and construction of buildings.  It allows the choice of faith which influences the kingdom, allows the building of religious structures, and grants special faith based troops. 

Sword of Damocles offers a realistic army management system where military buildings are required to upgrade faction exclusive troops, army detachments can be created, and orders issued to lords through a Strategic Map.  Mercenaries from 7 different guilds can be hired to fight and defend the newly conquered lands.  On top of that, Sword of Damocles provides a background story without losing that M&B sandbox feel.  The Imperial Legion has destroyed your homeland and now comes to conquer Calradia.

To fight the threat you'd better arm yourself.  There are over 600 new items and 300 new troops; including 13 completely unique factions.  Sword of Damocles also adds game play tweaks, graphical and performance enhancements, and many other features.

A few of the most popular are a strategy advisor that follows you to battle and provides information on all of the troops trees thru the camp menu, the ability to set up custom battles, a camera that allows you to observe the battle after you are wounded and not leave your soldiers as a prey for auto resolve system, formations and battle morale,  custom graphics and new scenes, improved auto-loot to manage companions, companion management screen, seal pacts with guilds, guild representatives that will follow your council, etc.

New Features of SoD v5.0:

- Fixed all forest lag:  Achieve high FPS even in the heaviest of forests (forest bandits beware!)
- Rebalanced and bug free laws with new clearly defined descriptions of effects
- Fixed propaganda feature
- Fixed the pretenders dialog bug
- Fixed the map crash bug
- Fixed bug which caused appearance of upgrade option to the same troop (Vill Recruit* -> Vill Recruit*)
- Fixed bug where player got loads of experience from time to time.
- Minor changes to local health and prosperity formulas (easier to accumulate wealth)
- Removed "Nobles in army" modifier and replaced by relations with nobles
- Naming change:  From "Scoutage" to "Royal Tribute" (i.e. when nobles pay taxes to the king)
- Fixed the Mercenary Guild quest bugs and fixed many bugs regarding mercenary guilds in general (mercenary guilds will be much more useful)
- Fixed bug where Black Army dropped hundreds of Great and Two Handed swords
- Lots of other small tweaks and fixes to numerous to mention

- Added new personalities and dialogs for the Centurions

- Added a new secret quest with the commoners (has something to do with the Slavers)

- New royal items in mini-game quest for each of the 5 SoD player civilizations

- All new dialogs for increased RPG feel for the mercenary guilds and the invading Legion 

- Updated the in-game guide to be descriptive with new features (on-line guide has slightly more information than in-game guide) 

-  Used Native M&B map to remove all the path finding oddities

- All units in the mod are upgraded the SoD way (i.e. troop1 -> troop1* -> troop2 at military building)
--- Upgrade standard native mercenaries, guild mercenaries, and bandits in camp menu (anywhere on map)
--- To upgrade guild mercenaries, permission from guild master and a relation with guild of 10+ is required
--- To upgrade native faction troops, a proper military building must be used from that faction's town/castle (i.e. can only upgrade Nord footmen with a Nord barracks which is impossible for player to build)

- Increased companions exp gain rate by 50%

- Access your entire council (including guild representatives) from any of your fiefs main menus to save time from entering castle keep

- 8 new buildings:
--- Towns:  Bank, Canalization, Hospital, Manufacture
--- Villages:  Ambulatory, Clayworks, Rustic Blacksmith, Water Supply

- 2 new books: 
--- Cartography (+1 pathfinding when kept in inventory)
--- Administration (+1 administration after read)

- 4 new bandit troops:  Cutthroat, Brigand, Reaver, and Thug (no easy looter only parties)

- Added many new mercenary guild quests including tournament style fighting in their arenas

- The Boar Clan is now an official mercenary guild complete with camel riders

- Completely redesigned scenes for all of the mercenary guilds with their own history and culture.  In addition, can walk to Slavers bases in native factions capitol cities

- High relations with Commoners has new effects:
--- 30+ relations allows a ransom broker to spawn in castles (along with councilor entourage)
--- 45+ relations allows jobless mercenaries on map to fight with you when in riding distance
--- Watchmen and Caravan Guards can be recruited from Ransom brokers
--- Commoners relation report is located in guild relation report list
--- Can raise Commoner relations by saving jobless mercenaries from bandits

- Can select a field Marshall (directly or election) from one of your available lords to represent your kingdom while you are performing other kingly duties. 
--- At least 4 vassals are required in order to choose a field Marshall (which in turn requires a minimum of 5 fiefs).


Knight at Arms
Welcome to Sword of Damocles - Gold v5.0.  Before starting, read this guide and speak with strategy advisor from the camp menu.  You may want to change civilizations or faiths based on play style and this cannot be done later without restarting.  Some Sword of Damocles features are completely different from what you may be used to in Mount and Blade so reading the description is essential to playing and enjoying the mod.  You can access this description any time from Reports menu.


Become a King:
- Conquer any castle or town to become a King

- New options become available:
--- A council consisting of a Marshal, Chancellor, and Treasurer will appear in all castles / towns
--- The Strategy Advisor will follow your council and be available in the camp menu, but will not follow you into battle
--- High relations (30+) with mercenary guilds will allow a guild representative to follow around council
--- A new option in the Camp Menu will appear titled ‘Kingdom Management’ with 4 sub-topics:
------ Fief Management - centralized menu of all fiefs
------ Kings Edicts - Enables panel to enact laws
------ Strategic Map - Overview of Calradia that allows you to give orders to your vassals
------ Royal Artifacts - Send upper tier nobles on a mission to recover elite royal equipment

- 20 Lords available for recruitment from the homeland:
--- Talk with Chancellor to recruit new Lords:  Must have at least one fief available to give away (and still have a fief for you)
--- Lord's need income to build armies
--- Lord's without fiefs will have negative relations and won't make profit to supply an army
--- Lords upgrade their fiefs

- Castles allow advanced military buildings to be constructed (that cannot be constructed in cities)
--- Castles do not provide income yet incur weekly maintenance fees (150, or 100 with Blacksmith)

- Monitor the health of villages and beware of health related random events

Population & Taxes:
- Town and Village population is a factor of the taxation income
--- Population is base income of fief modified by prosperity, religion acceptance, buildings, and edicts
--- Population will automatically grow but low relations with fief, bad health, raids, random events, or forced draft will decrease it
--- Minimum & maximum population for Villages is 50/500 and for Towns 500/3,000
--- Taxes come from 3 separate sources:  Peasants, Towns, and Royal Tribute (from player's homeland Lords)

- Administration and Intrigues skill indirectly affect taxable income.  For more information on their effect on taxes, see Chapter II, RULER'S SKILLS & DIPLOMACY

- 5 faiths to choose from at character creation: 
--- The One:  Monotheist, hierarchic faith
--- Old Gods:  Pagans as we would call it, faith honoring Ancestors
--- The Void:  Bloody nihilistic cult
--- Enlightenment:  Individualistic, self-realization religion
--- Natural Philosophy:  Scientific oriented and skeptics (some faith troops will carry gun powder weapons)

- Each faith has unique faith troops (25 total, 5 per faith), 4 religious buildings, and affects kingdom's population
--- Only 1 faith troop is possible per game based on the SoD homeland faction and faith chosen
--- The faith troop is always an elite unit of the same classification of your factions’ nobles (i.e. noble archers will spawn range based faith troops which differ based on faith and faction)

- High global faith allows upgrade of elite Noble Troops to Zealots* (random event)
--- The base chance of high tier elite noble to be upgraded to zealot is checked daily at 50% (relation with clergy, global faith, and edicts affect this % chance of event occurring)
--- Upgrade Zealots* in castle's chapel into Faith Troops

- Cannot change faith after character creation so choose wisely.  Speak with strategy advisor and/or enable Jester cheats early game to view all the available faith troops (which cannot be used until late game)

- Local faith acceptance has influence on population:
--- Faith can modify fief's income up to 10%
--- Low faith acceptance will have negative effect on relations with fiefs

- Speak with Chancellor or view the Report Menu for faith level reports

Royal Edicts:
- Edicts Panel becomes available after becoming King / Queen

- Only 10 laws can be active at once

- Can view Edict Modifiers such as relations with Clergy and Nobles from the Camp Menu -> Kingdom Management -> Fief Management Menu (lower right)
--- When relations are low with clergy, global faith will be decreased weekly.  High relations provides bonuses to global faith.
--- When relations are low with nobility, fewer noble troops will immigrate to your kingdom (none if it is less than -50). High relations provide additional noble troops to immigrate to your kingdom.

- There are a total of 36 Edicts divided into 4 categories of laws based on the 4 social classes:  Villagers, Townspeople, Clergy, and Nobility

- For a detailed description of all edict effects, CLICK HERE - Law Guide for SoD 5.0

Available Buildings:
- If a fiefs health/prosperity is lower than the ideal health/prosperity (typically in the 40 to 80 range), it automatically grows by 1.  If the health/prosperity is higher than ideal, it declines by 1.

- Village Buildings:
--- Ambulatory:  Cost 2,500 - Health +10, Weekly Health +1, Health Cap +20, Ideal Health +20
--- Clayworks:  Cost 2,500 - Prosperity +5, Weekly Prosperity +1, Prosperity Cap +20, Ideal Prosperity +20
--- Inn:  Cost 2,000 - Weekly Relations +2
--- Manor:  Cost 1,500 - Weekly Renown +3, Fief's Demesne Cost -2
--- Monastery:  Cost 2,000 - Weekly Taxes +5%, Weekly Local Faith +2, Weekly Global Faith +2
--- Mill:  Cost 2,500 - Prosperity +5, Weekly Prosperity +1, Ideal Prosperity +20%, Weekly Taxes +10%
--- Rustic Blacksmith:  Cost 1,200 - Prosperity +5, Weekly Prosperity +1, Prosperity Cap +10, Ideal Prosperity +10
--- Shrine:  Cost 1,000 - Weekly Relations +1, Weekly Local Faith +3, Weekly Global Faith +2
--- Watchtower:  Cost 1,200 - Village's Demesne Cost -1, Village raid time increased
--- Water Supply:  Cost 1,200 - Health +5, Weekly Health +1, Health Cap +10, Ideal Health +10

- Town Buildings:
--- Bank:  Cost 1,200 - Prosperity +5, Weekly Prosperity +1, Prosperity Cap +10, Ideal Prosperity +10
--- Canalization:  Cost 1,200 - Health +5, Weekly Health +1, Health Cap +10, Ideal Health +10
--- Congregation (Republic of Marina only):  Cost 4,000 - Can only be built in towns, Enables auto-recruitment of Nobles from player's homeland, +5 Weekly Renown, Fief's Demesne Cost -1
--- Guild:  Cost 9,000 - Weekly Relations +1, Weekly Prosperity +2, Fief's Demesne Cost -2, Weekly Taxes +10%
--- Hospital:  Cost 2,500 - Health +10, Weekly Health +1, Health Cap +20, Ideal Health +20
--- Manufacture:  Cost 2,500 - Prosperity +5, Weekly Prosperity +1, Prosperity Cap +20, Ideal Prosperity +20
--- Temple:  Cost 2,000 - Weekly Relations +1, Weekly Local Faith +5, Weekly Global Faith +4
--- University:  Cost 4,000 - Weekly Relations +1, Weekly Renown +15, Decrease Weekly Badboy Rating -1

- Castle Buildings:
--- Blacksmith:  Cost 1,000 - Decreases Castle's maintenance cost by 50 (to 100), Makes upgrading troops 50% cheaper
--- Chapel:  Cost 500 - Allows upgrade of Zealots into Faith Troops, Weekly Global Faith +1
--- Knight Chapter:  Cost 6,000 - Enables auto-recruitment of homeland Noble troops, +5Weekly Renown, Fief's Demesne Cost -1
--- Stables:  Cost varies around 4,000 - Allows Cavalry upgrades, +4 Weekly Renown, Fief's Demesne Cost -1

- Village/Town/Castle:
--- Messenger Post:  Cost 1,200 - Provides information about enemy troop movement, Fief’s Demesne Cost -1

- Town/Castle:
--- Barracks:  Cost varies on SoD faction - Allows upgrade of foot melee units, Allows auto-garrisoning of foot melee units, Fief’s Demesne Cost -1
--- Range:  Cost varies on SoD faction - Allows upgrade of foot ranged units, Allows auto-garrisoning of foot ranged units, Fief's Demesne Cost -1
--- Prisoner Tower:  Cost 1,000 - Captured Lords have lower chances of escape, Weekly Relations +1 (only for Towns)


Administration Skill & Demesne:
- For each level of Administration skill, receive 50 Demesne Points (DP)

- Each fief has base DP value:  Village 10 DP, Castle 15 DP, and Towns 30 DP

- Each difference between your DP and cumulated fief's DP value, tax income will change 1% up or down for all fiefs
--- Administration becomes less effective when ruling a large empire
--- For example, a King with administration 1 (50 DPs) with 3 Towns, 2 Castles, and 3 Villages (150 DP total), a -100% income modifier will be applied
--- Either increase administration skill or decentralize rule (give fiefs to vassals thru Chancellor) to maximize fief income

- Demesne for each fief can be modified by constructing buildings or passing laws (Edicts).  The lower the fief’s demesne value, the easier it is to rule.  NOTE:  A positive demesne modifier is a penalty, a negative demesne modifier is a bonus.

Intrigues & Propaganda:
- Intrigues skill provides all the Native Persuasion skill bonuses

- For each level of Intrigues skill, receive 50 Propaganda Points (PP)
-----Base PP at 0 skill level is 10
-----Each fief owned subtracts from this value

- Each fief has base PP value:  Village 10 PP, Castle 5 PP, Town 30 PP

- Disorder level (in Fief Management window) is the propaganda value required in order to maintain positive relations with all of your fiefs.  If the disorder level is higher than propaganda, you will lose relations with fiefs.

- Difference between your PP and cumulated fief's PP value, result in a weekly relations modifier with all fiefs:
Propaganda Points            Weekly Relations Change With Fiefs
            -200                                              -10
            -150                                              -7
            -100                                              -5
            -70                                                -4
            -50                                                -3
            -30                                                -2
            -30 to 0                                          -1
            0 to 60                                          0
            60+                                                +1
            120+                                              +2
            180+                                              +3
            240+                                              +4

-Badboy (infamy) system:  If you look like a threat for Calradians, they will react and form an alliance against you
--- Initial badboy is based on relation with Calradians
--- Gain badboy when take cities and castles or develop religion
--- Lose badboy every week, according to honor, size of realm, and number of universities
--- If badboy reaches 40, war may be declared on you

- War / peace system provides explanations of AI decisions to the player:
--- If peace proposal accepted, a 30 day truce must be respected before restarting war or lose honor and gain badboy
--- AI never breaks truces

- Kingdoms decide to start war or propose peace based on their power
--- They have objectives and try to expand territory
--- Their situation determines their ambition (how offensive the lords are)
--- Lord personalities and personal situation influences decisions when compared to other lords (i.e. lords richer than average raid less often)

- Select a field Marshall from one of your available lords to represent your kingdom on the battlefield while you are performing other kingly duties. 
--- At least 4 vassals are required in order to choose a field Marshall (which in turn requires a minimum of 5 fiefs).
--- When 4 vassals are available, speak with the Marshall in your castle’s council and select the Field Marshall directly or hold an election.


Recruiting Troops:

- Villagers can be recruited as: 
--- Native Recruits:  Khergit, Nord, Rhodok, Swadia, or Vaegir factions
------ Requires a native faction’s castle or town military facility to upgrade
------ Player cannot construct native military buildings so use of Native troops is limited
--- Mercenary Recruits: (i.e. farmers that upgrade on standard mercenary path)
------ Roam the map as jobless mercenary parties
------ Can be upgraded in the Camp Menu anywhere on the map without a military building
--- Homeland Factions Recruits:
------ Most cost effective troops available
------ Requires homeland military facility to be constructed at a castle / town to upgrade

- Mercenaries can be recruited in taverns or from Mercenary Guilds:
--- Random mercenaries show up in taverns (including mercenaries not part of major guilds)
--- Tavern keeper allows Townspeople (upgrade to standard mercenaries), Refugees (upgrade to Sword Sisters), and Manhunters (upgrade to standard mercenaries) to be recruited
--- Ransom brokers can hire both Watchmen and Caravan Guards
--- Speak with Mercenary Guild Leaders at their base for additional details

Troop Wages:
- Troops wages vary based on level, but an army based of Homeland units is the least expensive:
--- Pay base wages for Homeland player exclusive troops (and Native troops)
--- Mounted units cost 65% more
--- Mercenaries cost 50% more (includes guild and random tavern mercenaries)
--- Mounted mercenaries have both cost penalties applied

Upgrading Troops:
- Unlike Native, SoD troops do not miraculously upgrade with new equipment after battle.  SoD troops upgrade to experienced versions, marked with *

- Experienced troops * have the same equipment as inexperienced counterparts but are at the same level as their upgraded unit (higher weapon proficiencies and skills)

- To upgrade a homeland SoD unit, the proper military building must be constructed in a castle or town:
--- Barracks:  Allow upgrade of peasants to melee footmen
--- Range:  Allows upgrade of peasants to ranged footmen
--- Stables:  Allow upgrade of basic melee footmen to cavalry
--- Chapters:  Attracts noble refugees from fallen Homeland
------ You cannot train a peasant to become a Noble; they only spawn when this building is constructed
------ Chapters allow the Noble troop line to be upgraded
--- Chapel:  Allows zealous noble troops to be upgraded to Holy Warriors

- To upgrade a native unit, one must travel to that factions territory and upgrade at their castle or town

- To upgrade a mercenary unit, view the Camp Menu (with 10+ relations and permission) or travel to a mercenary base (allows easier upgrading of mercenary troops to offset higher costs)

- Upgrading troops costs money.  Equipment costs can be lowered by constructing a blacksmith (reduces cost by 50%) and training from this location

- When experienced* troops are available and the proper military buildings constructed, talk to Marshal to order training

- Elite troops are limited early game since it is not possible to upgrade a “troop” past “troop*” until a military building is constructed (applies to Native and Homeland troops)

- At any time, troops can be detached from main party to create Regiments:
--- Talk to any troop in the Party menu and order a Regiment to be created
--- Regiment will spawn near party
--- Meet with the regiment to issue orders and add troops
--- Regiment will have same maximum troop cap as your party
--- Troops in a Regiment will cost 2x more weekly wages

Formations & Morale:
- Formations and Morale are ON by default.  You can turn them OFF in Reports Menu->Sword of Damocles – Options -> Battle System Options to increase performance

- Sword of Damocles morale system:  Low level recruits will run away but veterans will typically continue fighting when losing

- Use keyboard shortcuts to control formations & morale:
--- Key V:  Call for Reinforcements - Experience Penalty
--- Key Y:  Rally Troops - Experience Penalty
--- Keys J, P, K:  Formations Ranks, Stagger, Wedge
--- Key U:  Undo all formations
--- Key T:  Show battle morale, if it goes below 200, army may start thinking of escape

Garrisoning Troops:
- As King, garrisoning orders can be given via Fief Management page
--- Set max garrison value for each walled center (default is 150)
--- Hire up to 5 trainers per each castle or town
--- First trainer costs 100, second 200, third 300, forth 400, and fifth 500 denars
--- Each trainer charges 50 denars weekly
--- One trainer can auto-garrison 2 recruits daily
--- Troops recruited by draft are subtracted from fief's population:
------ Each troop recruited is 1 population less in the town or village (belonging to castle)
------ Visit villages directly to recruit volunteers that are not counted as fiefs taxpaying population
--- Troops in castle's garrison will gain XP if specific military facilities are available (barracks to recruit and train infantry, practice range for archers, and stables for cavalry)
--- Trainers won't upgrade soldiers to higher tiers, only to the experienced* version


Player Factions:
- Choose from 5 player exclusive factions with unique advantages and disadvantages:
--- Antarian Empire:  Strong heavily armored melee infantry army with javelin thrower support and weak melee cavalry
--- Kingdom of Aden:  Strong melee cavalry with mediocre melee infantry and weak archers
--- Republic of Marina:  Strong melee infantry and crossbowmen supported by weak melee cavalry scouts
--- Villianese Duchy:  Strong archers and decent melee infantry supported by weak ranged cavalry
--- Zerrikanian Sultanate:  Well rounded army with melee and ranged infantry as well as melee and ranged cavalry.  No obvious strengths or weaknesses but many units will spawn with blunt weapons. 
- Access exclusive Homeland troops unique to each faction:




- Enjoy battling your old rivals of Calradia:




- Enjoy battling new Bandits:
- Enjoy new Villager Upgrade Paths:

The Legion - Imperial Expeditionary Force:
- Organized army with no obvious weaknesses (access to every troop type)

- The Legion employs Mercenary regiments not available to the player (although they do spawn in taverns): 
--- The Sons of Deer (ranged cavalry)
--- The Bastard Brothers (heavy infantry)

General Mercenary Guild Features:
- Enjoy fighting or hiring mini-guilds on the map such as jobless mercenaries, forest bandits, mountain bandits, or the Boar Clan
--- Forest bandits and mountain bandits will join your party if you have less than -5 honor (and pay them), but it's random and may happen even if you have up to 15 honor
--- Parties grow stronger depending on player's level
--- No more weak looter parties, bandits are now a force to be feared

- Use the Report Menu or hold cursor over the Mercenary Guild leaders (in mercenary camps) to determine guild relations

- Raise relations with a mercenary guild by completing new quests or signing a pact

- Sealing a pact raises relations to +100 with that Guild
--- Cancelling the pact reduces relations to 0 (regardless of previous relations before pact was sealed)

- Can only have 1 pact with 1 Guild at a time and must have at least 1 castle (be considered a king)

- After you cancel a pact, you cannot start another pact with the same Guild for 1 month

- By design, you cannot seal a pact with the Slaver Guild (they are spread all throughout Calradia) or Boar Clan (can hire parties off the map) 

- Can cancel contract with any mercenary party by talking with them (they demand weekly wages as a compensation)

- Can sell prisoners to the Slaver Guild Master or Slaver Guild Representative at 45 denars each

- When hire mercenaries from a Guild Representative in your castle/city, the troops will spawn from their mercenary guild base, not out of the castle/city you are currently located:
--- Slaver Guild Representative will send the party from the closest Slaver base (Sargoth, Praven, Tulga, Jelkala, and Reyvadin) to your current location
--- Depending on location, troops from the Slaver Guild Representative arrive faster than other guilds, since they have bases in all of Calradia (use this fact when selecting first castle)

- All native kings start off with a pact with the local guild:
--- It is possible to stumble upon a Guild Representative in another faction’s castle
--- Use them to hire troops if desired

- When you order mercenary parties that are carrying prisoners to go to a castle, they will drop all the prisoners off in your castle before leaving
--- An excellent source of funds, especially when using Slaver parties (and have a Slaver Guild Rep / Ransom Broker in your council)

- Attacking a mercenary field marshal grants -40 relations to the faction that hired the guild (or to commoner’s faction if no pact with any guild.  The Slavers are an exception, it will be -40 with Slavers since they are not capable of pacts).

- Allow 2-3 days for available mercenaries to increase for hire to your party from guild leaders and representatives
--- Every day, 1 to 5 rank and file mercenaries (1 to 10 with pact) are randomly added to the available troop pool at the mercenary guild leader / representative if there are less than 15 available (30 with pact)
--- Every day, 1 elite high relation only mercenaries (2 with pact) are randomly added to the available troop pool at the mercenary guild leader / representative if there are less than 3 available (6 with pact)

Mercenary Party Price Information:
- Party Price = [(Sum of each soldiers joining costs) * (Size modifier) * (Contract length modifier)]

- The options of selecting a party to hire such as “recruits, average, or experienced” and “melee infantry, ranged infantry, cavalry, or a mixed army” affect the price indirectly since each individual soldier’s price is included

- Size of party affects the price (5% discount per each 25 additional men in party):
--- 25 men:  No discount
--- 50 men:  5% discount
--- 75 men:  10% discount
--- 100 men:  15% discount
--- 125 men:  20% discount
--- 150 men:  25% discount

- Length of contract discount: 
--- 1 month:  0% discount
--- 3 months:  15% discount
--- 6 months:  30% discount

Guild Pact Bonuses:
- These bonuses encourage picking a favorite guild and signing a pact.  However, high relations with another guild will still provide enough benefit to use more than one successfully

- Pact doubles the number of available rank and file troops (to 30) and elite troops (to 6) available for hire to your party

- Receive 25% discount when hiring parties and individual soldiers (the weekly rate is also decreased as long as hold pact)

- The Mercenary Guild's field marshal will support your faction:
--- Join in battles and attack your enemies, even change to your factions color
--- If the guild is unemployed the field marshal temporarily switches to the Commoners

- Lords will hire mercenary parties to follow them

- Individual mercenaries will also be hired directly into Lords parties and fiefs

- A discount to pacts weekly price is received the longer the pact is paid on time:
--- A 5% discount is applied for each week paid in a row up to 50% off (10 weeks paid)
--- If cancel pact (and wait 1 month to renew), no discount is offered until make consecutive successful payments again

- Since a pact automatically grants 100 relations, all high relation bonuses are also in effect when you sign a pact

Guild High Relation Bonuses:
- Can hire troops in bigger packs [size (minimum relation required)]:
--- 100 (25+ relations)
--- 125 (50+ relations)
--- 150 (75+ relations)

- Can hire Experienced party troops with 35+ relations (i.e. 25, 50, 75 parties of experienced troops)
--- Not to be confused with individual elite mercenaries

- Can hire elite individual mercenary units (40+ relations, Slavers 10+ relations since you cannot sign a pact with them)

- Can hire packs for 6 month contracts (40+ relations)

- A Mercenary Guild representative appears in your court (30+ relations):
--- Can be accessed through the castle menu (like Marshall, treasurer, chancellor, or strategy advisor) without going to Castle court each time
--- Can hire rank and file and / or elite individual troops (if relations high enough for elites)
--- Can hire parties of soldiers
--- Can cancel pact
--- Can sell prisoners to the Slaver Guild Representative at 45 denars each
--- It is possible through enough quests to have Guild Representatives from all 7 Guilds follow your council around

- Receive permission to upgrade mercenary guild troops (10+ relations)
--- No permission to upgrade troops is required if you take them to the mercenary base and upgrade from base menu
--- Can upgrade Guild mercenaries from the camp menu (anywhere on map) after: 
------ Achieve 10+ relations with guild, and
------ Request permission with Guild Master at mercenary base (both are required). 
--- Slaver mercenaries (and Commoners) can be upgraded anywhere on the map at beginning of game with 0 relations
--- If lose relations with guild below 10+, you lose ability to upgrade troops.  Must raise relations to 10+ and ask permission again

- 7 mercenary factions offer single troops (individual rank and file troops which can be upgraded and elite high relations only troops) as well as whole army regiments for hire to you and your enemies:

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Black Army Fresh Blade, Black Army Line Supporter
- Elite Troop:  Black Army Raven Captain
- Located in Kingdom of Swadia territory near Praven
- Black Army units spawn with random weapons due to how they are hired (recruited from other armies).  They have defensive and offensive infantry (which spawn with a wide selection of weapons), decent ranged infantry, and decent cavalry.  There are no holes in this army structure.  Their elite unit is a heavy armed cavalry unit that can spawn ranged weapons, including firearms.
- Enjoy 6 new quests

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Boar Clan Clansman
- Elite Troop:  Boar Clan Tusk Rider
- Located in desert of the Sarranid Sultanate territory (closet city is Halmar)
- Can hire off the map when honor is >= +5.  If you have high relations but low honor, you cannot hire boar clan off map (must go to camp).  These parties will follow you for one year.
- Raiding villages will grant -3 relations
- Asking them to hire with low honor gives -5 relations.  Hiring them (with high honor) gives +5 relations. 
- Enjoy 6 new quests

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Conquistador Crossbowman and Conquistador Footman
- Elite Troop:  Conquistador Lancer
- Located in Kingdom of Vaegirs territory near Bulugha Castle
- The Conquistadors rank and file infantry use either giant pikes for long range, or swords and bucklers for up close battles.  They focus on speed and agility.  Their ranged line consists of crossbow support.  Their elite unit, the Lancer, is heavily armored with a giant lance. 
- Enjoy 7 new quests

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Tribesmen
- Elite Troop:  Battle Shaman
- Located in Khergit Khanate territory near Tulga
- The Elephant Guard are fast light infantry units with hardened skin.  Their ranged infantry throw spears which do enormous damage up close.  Their elite unit wields a fast tusk like weapon and unmatched in speed.
- Enjoy 7 new quests

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Armsman and Volva
- Elite Troop:  Norn Mistress
- Located in Kingdom of Nords territory near Sargoth
- The Jotnar Clan cavalry line is unique in that every melee cavalry unit also spawns with ranged weapons (similar to Khergit Lancers).  Their infantry line is powerful wielding giant 2-handed axes and heavy armor.  The elite Jotnar Clan unit wields giant 2-handed swords. 
- Enjoy 6 new quests

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Akinci and Kapikulu
- Elite Troop:  Basilisk Knight
- Located in Rhodok Republic territory near Jelkala and Veluca
- The Serpent Host have strong rank and file melee and ranged cavalry.  Their infantry is skilled with the sword and every infantry unit also carries a bow (hold ground command will force them to use it).  The elite Serpent Host unit is ranged cavalry that is also skilled in melee combat.
- Enjoy 7 new quests

- Individual Rank and File Troops:  Henchman and Slaves
- Elite Troop:  Tormentor
-  Located in Sargoth (Kingdom of Nords), Praven (Kingdom of Swadia), Tulga (Khergit Khanate), Jelkala (Rhodok Republic), and Reyvadin (Kingdom of Vaegirs)
- All rank and file Slaver units can spawn with a horse.  Upper tier units will always ride but they do not become powerful until around tier 4.  Their elite unit is melee infantry with a giant 2-handed club. 
- All slavers use blunt weapons, including blunt throwing hammers. 
- Slavers are too big an organization to be trusted with pacts.  However, their elite units can be hired at 10+ relations and they can be upgraded in the Camp Menu without asking permission first at any relation (-100+). 
- Enjoy 6 new quests (+1 additional hidden quest)









- In addition to building a kingdom, SoD adds the goal of defeating a powerful invasion approximately one year from arrival in Calradia

- The Empire invaded your land and five realms fell under its power forcing you to become an outcast.

- The Emperor's hound, Legate Gaius Marius and his Centurions are now sending an entire Legion to conquer Calradia.

- Go to Menu Camp->Take other action->Quick Start->Oracle to know exact date of invasion if you think it would not spoil the fun for you, it's random.

- If you are not a cheater, Go to Camp Menu ->Speak with Strategy Advisor -> Imperial Expeditionary Force -> Request an approximate date the Legion will arrive


- Prisoner Management was removed and merged with Leadership (i.e. higher leadership allows more prisoners)
- Choose one of three systems to auto-resolve battles:  Bloodbath (fast), Kt0 Improved Auto-resolve (realistic), or Native

Custom Battles:
- Search for Jester in any town or castle keep
- Choose battlefield, customizable army composition, play as chosen character, and start a battle

New Items:
- Approximately 600 new yet balanced items
- Enjoy 9 new heraldic armors (11 total) for yourself or a hero
- 5 new Royal Sets of 6 items each which differ based on faction chosen
--- Available on the Royal Artifacts map (mini game) located in Camp Menu -> Kingdom Management -> Royal Artifacts
--- Must send highest tier noble troop available for your faction (sending more increases chance of success)
--- Sending cash increases chance of success (will not get this back)
--- Select a location on map of old world to search and send nobles there (takes one game month for results)
--- The location of the royal artifacts are randomized in the beginning of each game
--- Maximum percent chance of success is 80% if the royal artifact is in that location
--- Possible outcomes are:  Find a royal item, search completely but find nothing, determine relic is at this location but need to search here again, or total failure and lose the entire party
--- Be careful your inventory is not full when your party arrives or there is a bug where it will not be given (save often)

New Troops:
- Over 300 new troops including ~60 player exclusive homeland troops, 25 faith troops, 7 new mercenary guilds, a reworked Legion, and plenty of new random mercenaries in taverns
- All 16 companions dialog, gear, and stats were reworked to represent the new SoD factions
--- Their names remain the same so hero interactions do not need to be relearned
--- Useful immediately with higher starting levels and better equipment

Custom Banners & New Banners:
- Over 300 banners available at character creation or create a unique banner
- Your faction banner can be changed at any time from the Camp Menu ->Take other action ->Quick Start-> Chose a different banner

Battle Camera:
- After fall wounded in battle, continue to watch your troops in action
--- Press SPACE button to activate/deactivate camera
--- Use W-S-A-D buttons to move around battlefield

Menus Graphic Overhaul:
- Each game menu has unique background
- Each Castle and Town now has unique menu background

Companions Conveniences:
- Talk with companions from the Party Menu about equipment to set up auto-upgrading preferences
- Use the Party’s Inventory / Item pool to quickly move items around on your hero companions from the Camp Menu -> Party Management -> Party’s Inventory
- See overview of all your Companion's equipment from the Camp Menu -> Party Management -> Companions Overview (must have at least 1 hero companion for this menu to spawn)

Quick Start:
- An option designed for MnB veterans who started game countless times, mod team, testers, cheaters, etc.
- Choose Menu Camp -> Take other action -> Quick Start
--- Add companions to party, add XP, denars, renown, honor, or remove honor
--- Can change the invasion date forward or backward by consulting the Oracle
--- There is a cheater counter to count the number of times cheats were used
--- The Jester allows other cheats not available in the Camp Menu such as (+ any troop, + any item, +/- relations with any faction, and + any fief)

Starting Tips to find yourself in the new world:

- Start off in Calradia as the last heir to player faction with a small force of homeland troops

- Speak with the Strategy Advisor in the Camp Menu for detailed descriptions of the new civilizations, troop trees, history, and the invasion 
--- Troop trees are textures so temporarily increase in-game resolution if screen is blurry

- At the beginning, you will not have access to military facilities to upgrade experienced troops* to next tier and your small starting force is not strong enough to conquer a castle

- Supplement army by recruiting mercenaries from villages, taverns, and in Mercenary Guilds
--- Native troops can be recruited from villages but beware, you can only upgrade them with that factions military buildings (this feature limits creating cheap super armies such as Villianese archers with Swadian cavalry)

- Until your renown is high enough to field a large number of troops, create regiments (by speaking with troops) to bring large armies to a siege

- Do not become anyone's vassal or try to make pretender quest in Native.  SoD does not support pretender quests or serving as a vassal to another king!!!

- Capture a castle or town to become a ruler

- Watch for enemy retaliation.  If lost most of troops capturing a castle, the castle will be lost soon
--- An easy way to build up castle defenses is hire a mercenary party for a month long contract to sit in castle until strength increases
--- Forest and Mountain bandits, Jobless Mercenary parties, as well as the Boar Clan can also be hired off the map to quickly increase the size of your army

- Immediately commission a military building project, start from barracks or range so peasants can be upgraded
--- It is economical to first hire a companion with engineering skill before taking the first castle so the building will be cheaper and constructed faster

- Don't build a stables first, only first tier foot soldiers can upgrade to cavalry (which requires a barracks).  Don't build noble chapters as first building either, it is expensive and nobles come slowly

- Consider visiting Jester to test Homeland troops in Skirmish Custom Battle to see strengths and weaknesses


Knight at Arms
It is now online at the M&B Repository (link above works).  Make sure you rank it on M&B

We didn't make Christmas, but Happy Easter from the SoD 5.0 team! 



Struggleing for breath  :grin: <<<< Breath Zee Breath!  :mrgreen:

I cant wait! Download FASTER!!!


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I literally knocked off my coffee when I read this yesterday night :grin:
And ugh, playing too much till I realized the sun is shinning  :lol: I'm going to sleep now.
Again, Great JOB GUYS!!! (on sabotaging my not-much social life  :mrgreen: )


Ive read about this mod, and it sounds great - played 4.7 a little bit before this version came out.

But I got what I consider a major problem with this mod - I keep crashing.. I get no message or any info, just stops working.. I tried to save as often as possible, but I kept crashing in battles, when trading, talking, travelling etc, so often it was impossible.
Its really fustrating so I hope you guys can help me, cos I really would like to play this mod :smile:

Im playing it through steam (started as MB demo, but I upgraded to full version) and Ive installed a couple of mods before, so I guess its installed right.
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