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Saturday, September 24th at 20:15 PM GMT+1

Greetings, friends,

İt is now time to test our project; we have been developing many assets for a long time within the scope of the Sword & Musket project and recently custom servers were given to us by Taleworlds to test. We did some experimentation and created a simple 'Multiplayer' system for Sword & Musket on the balance bases of Bannerlord, we made some additions including basic UI changes, we revealed these additions to 'Sword & Musket - Developer Blog 1.1.0 'Multiplayer Surprise and Custom Servers' announcement, and we made references to try and test it with a few tests.

During this process, applications were received by the regiments in our community. The regiments, that were evaluated within the scope of these applications, have been granted reserved spaces in the tests.

Also, If the test-event is successful, a test will also be made for our NA Community.

I will only share a few details with you in general about the test-event.

-Sword & Musket will take place on the Discord server.
-It will be in Alpha style.
-Rules will be enforced within the framework of the NWL rules.

NWL - Napoleonic Wars League Rules Engagement
1. No Firing in melee or out of formation.
1.1 A melee is where one bayonet or sword from either line strikes the player or weapon of the opposing team.
1.2 Firing out of formation is where a shot is fired from a player of a line which is not stationary and in a tightly packed formation.
2. Gaps have to be closed tight.
2.1 If you fire without closing the gap beforehand, you may be punished by the referee.
2.2 You are not allowed to open the gap after you take a shot.
3. No officer aiming. This only regards the player in the officer class.
3.1 Officer aiming is only true in the following situations;
Shot whilst marching ahead of the line.
Shot whilst ranged combat and not within 5 man spacing of the original line.
3.2 In the following situations, officer aiming does not apply.
If the officer is standing in front or behind the line (from enemies viewpoint)
In a definite and obvious charge movement towards the enemy line.

4. Allowed units: Rankers and officers of regular line infantry - No skirmishers, light infantry or guard infantry.
5. Only one line per regiment, only one officer per regiment.
6. No Bonuses, no musicians, no flag bearers.
7. The Light Infantry Rules are disabled for the 'Rifleman' unit of the 95th Infantry Regiment. He must act in Line Infantry form.
8. The Grenadiers Infantry Rules are disabled for the 'Grenadiers' unit of the Polonais de la Garde impériale . He must act in Line Infantry form.
9. Matches have to be played on official Sword & Musket Servers.

16. Slaying, freezing, kicking or banning is only allowed, if the target is from your own regiment.
16.1 You are not allowed to reset or restart on own behalf.
17. Referee rulings have to be accepted in a running match. You may not discuss it within an unfinished match.
17.1 You may appeal a referees judgement if abusing behavior is seen, or a wrong/biased decisions
has occurred.
17.2 If you abuse the appeal system your further appeals may be ignored.
18. No flaming or insulting. Organizers may punish insults or inappropriate behavior with ceding or canceling points.

Application form:

Regiment name:
Regiment leader steam:
Regiment discord:


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Never been much of an NW guy myself but certainly excited to see multiplayer modding get off the ground. Best of luck!

Any streams/recordings planned for the event?
Regiment name: kaiserlich-königliches salzburgisch-oberösterreichisches Infanterie Regiment Nummero 59 "Alexander von Jordis"
Regiment leader steam: DarthKiller / Lama

Regiment discord: We have none (like for real)
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