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Summary: Sword & Musket is a developing single player and multi player mod for Mount And Blade: Bannerlord which is set in French Revolution, Revolutionary Wars and Napoleonic Wars. There will be a multiplayer section addition to the single player and our first goal is to release the mod with multiplayer.
People in the community have dreamt of and alternative of Napoleonic Wars in bannerlord for sometime now. We wish to maket his dream true with our professional team.

I suspect a few of you have some questions, so ı have prepared a Q&A segment for this thread. İf you have more questions you may join our Discord or Taleworlds Group to support the project and get the answers you seek!.

What are we working on right now?

  • Programing/Coding/Script Team;
Since the modding tools are not released yet all we can do at the moment is plan and think of ways to make this mod more immersive, community driven, and polished.
  • Modelling/Artist Team;
Our modelling and artist teams have worked on both English and French troop designs so far, however we have also done muskets, pistols, cannons and also some building models. İf you have knowledge and experience with (modelling) please feel free to contact us for helping out with the mod.
  • Map/Scene Design Team;
Our team is in the research phase at the moment and working on map ideas for both SP and MP. Also the Development Update #2 that was released on 14.08. show near-future Modding Tools and more + gave ideas for our map team as well.
  • Voice Actors / Voices / Composition Team;
We all know that the actors attach importance to music, with the exception for the background voices. We are planning to place the musical works of famous composers and compositions of the Romantic Age such as "Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Antonio Vivaldi, Carl Maria von Weber and Gioacchino Rossini" and many other artists in the play. Finally, we aim to integrate voiceover and ambient sounds properly into the fashion.
  • Animation team;
Our animation team is currently on a research assignment and awaits near-future mod tools. Our animation team aims to successfully create the most dynamic and complicated animations of the game, especially "bayonet" animation. In fact, the spear animation in Bannerlord is currently ideal for "Bayonet", but we will look for alternatives to give the community the best possible outcome for gameplay in this area.

Our Mod Developers
Soon! I edit.


-How’s the project is going?
+We are preparing some new materials, props, uniforms, models and lately scenes.

-Do you have an estimated for release?
+We plan to complete it asap but the Bannerlord itself is still in EA, so it will take time. Additionally we have limitations due to some lacks on the modding tools (Lots of crashes everyday). Some needs to be completed by TW so we can finish things properly.


I call out to those who want to be a developer; if you want to contribute to the development of this Mod, you can contact me via the forum channel.
Also, Our topic is still being held, we will soon report some tips and explanations here.

We would like to thank @Piconi for helping us with visual and design studies. ?
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Mod Developer Blog

Developer Diary 0.1 Summary

What are we thinking of doing in Single Player?
Even trying to write about the Single Player mode excites me. But we will continue our work to bring it to life. If you have patience, all will be completed in time.

-Chapter 1.-
French Revolution "Revolution"

As you know, many political currents and currents of thought today are the reflections of the French Revolution. These trends, such as nationalism and republicanism, are now under the influence of many modern countries. But the mentality of nationalism and republicanism in the 1780s is different from today. We will try to reflect the version of the fiction of some historical events, which is also included and transferred to the game. In addition, you will get to interact with the historical personalities of those days.

We will witness the overthrow of the monarchy and the coming of constitutionalism in France. Then, after a series of events, all will witness the transition to the "Republic Period". After witnessing the conspiracies of the Governing Government and the Consul Government, a symbol of instability, we will dive into Napoleon's revolution and its aftermath.
We will begin to show you the tips for Chapters 2 and 3 towards the end of Chapter 1.

-Chapter 2.-
French Revolutionary Wars

Apart from the 1st and 2nd Coalition Wars against the French Republic, we will also show you the campaign against the Ottoman Empire rule in Egypt. In the Amiens Agreement made in 1802, the Republic was secured as a result of the Revolutionary Wars (1st and 2nd Coalition Wars) and we will witness the beginning of the Napoleonic Wars. At the same time, Napoleon would declare himself Emperor in 1804 due to the political terror events in France.

-Chapter 3.-
Napoleonic Wars

It will be a very broad and comprehensive subject. We will try to show you this conflict with the coalitions that took place in 1803-1815. As you know, we left many troubled days behind and it is time for Emperor Napoleon to wake up! It's time to expand the borders of the French Empire. Apart from the 3rd, 4th and 5th Coalition Wars, we will show the end of the Empire and the exile and escape of Napoleon to Elba with the Russian Expedition and the 6th Coalition War.

Finally, with the "Hundred Days" period, we will show you the last battle by allowing you to play with the character of Napoleon Bonaparte and the "Battle of Waterloo", which we think will be a nice and fun scene. You will find yourself in exile after you were captured after the battle and at Saint Helena. THE END!
Developer Diary 0.2 Summary

What are we thinking of doing in Multiplayer?
Since our first goal is to release the mode as Multiplayer, we act meticulously in this regard. The two nations we are currently planning to build, France and the United Kingdom; we are in the process of making models of infantry, cavalry uniforms. The infantry and cavalry regiments we have identified will resemble units in the Mount & Blade Warband: Napoleonic Wars DLC, but will not be exactly the same. We are planning to add other nations to the game in the future, besides only the British and the French.

The most common need is modeling in this regard, because I cannot say that we are progressing very fast as a process. Since the references are limited, we will be waiting for friends who are knowledgeable about modeling and can assist with research.

For those that will reply with criticism, all we ask is that you keep it constructive. We will need minds clashing to produce the best possible product! Thank you for your feedback.

If you want to help us overcome this burden, you can join us. What we need now are Modelers / Artist’s who can model uniforms and rifles. In addition, we would like to see people with Coding and Software knowledge among us that we can brainstorm together. Those who know about animation, sound, art and composition, what are you still waiting for? Those of you that created successful, detailed mods in Warband, we look forward to potentially bringing you onto the team as well. All research and support in all forms for the project is greatly appreciated, thank you for your contribution.
Developer Blog 1.0.0

Hello, I’m Lucon, creative producer and coder of the mod. I’ll talk about progress we did on past 2 months on today’s developer blog. Take a coffee and sit back on your chair while reading this blog. ?

First we added 2 more questions to the FAQ. The number of question will be increased by time.

-How’s the project is going?
+We are preparing some new materials, props, uniforms, models and lately scenes.

-Do you have an estimated for release?
+We plan to complete it asap but the Bannerlord itself is still in EA, so it will take time. Additionally we have limitations due to some lacks on the modding tools (Lots of crashes everyday). Some needs to be completed by TW so we can finish things properly.

-Level Designers-
The friends on the level designer department are producing new terrains they give ideas for development of this mod too. They are mostly waiting for 3D artist to finish models to make something real.

-3D Art / Uniforms-
Apalmemnom makes French uniform and working on 32e right now. Also dear friend Freien is making British regiments generally. We are making foot regiments right now. Modeling a uniform takes quite a long time, so we’re making slow progress.

-3D Art / Props-
Our friends who make prop models are / will work on all models except the weapons, buildings and uniforms in the game. What are these props; Wine bottles, barrels, barricades, bottles, books, traps, papyrus (ancient Egyptians would be proud of us ? ), pictures/paintings, tables, luxury tables and list goes on and on.

-3D Art / Weapons-
Weapon modelers have so far finished the specified weapons (you can see renders). We do not have any difficulties about weapons so far. Brown Bess British infantry musket, 7-barreled rifle, double barreled pistol, French 12-pounder cannon and many more models are already finished. So weapon team is working on props right now.

-Coding / Programmers-
Unfortunately coding team is mostly inactive due to lack of coding editor in modding tools. But they are helping us on game design phase. Especially Hypercharge, Cheyros and Lucon is working about that case.

-Hypercharge Quest-

What is the duty?
Hypercharge Quest, is the duty to test every model, particle, overall voice implementation in the modding tools. This will help us to see if there is something wrong about performance or game-wise issue.
While making these test we will get some funny errors and we will share them with you with videos.

What has been challenging you in the test? The test wasn’t challenging, generally. However, Hypercharge had trouble trying some new features in game. And that lead us to understand we couldn’t understand tools fully.

Did anyone helped you while making these tests?

Ofc, developers from TW (@Abdullatif Khan , @cuce , @Kabraxis , @Boraltay ) helped us a lot about the errors we got. Also we got help from @KingKilo and FierceRebel.










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Sword & Musket
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Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mod Project that aims to reflect the era of the Napoleonic Wars.


Level Designer

Futui 🇷🇺 - Tasks: 1st Senior Developer Level Designer Team, Level Designer
Ted 🇩🇪 - Tasks: 2nd Senior Developer Level Designer Team, Level Designer
LeProfyteur 🇫🇷 - Tasks: Level Designer
Lemmy 🇫🇷 - Tasks: Level Designer
Bullero 🇫🇷 - Tasks: Level Designer
iWeester 🇫🇷 - Tasks: Level Designer

OSP Contributors:

3D Artist
B.B. Akdemir 🇹🇷 - Tasks: 1st Senior Developer 3D Artist Team
Freien 🇦🇹 - Tasks: 2nd Senior Developer 3D Artist Team, Character Artist, UK Branch
Link69100 🇫🇷 - Tasks: 3rd Senior Developer 3D Artist Team
Keyforce 🇹🇷 - Tasks: 3D General Artist, Environment
Morton 🇺🇸 - Tasks: 3D General Artist, Props and Weapons
Bacon Oreos 🇫🇷 - Tasks: 3D General Artist, Props and Weapons
MarioVII 🇹🇷 - Tasks: 3D General Artist, Props and Weapons
Apalmemnom 🇫🇷 - Tasks: 3D Character Artist, French Brach
Sanscrit 🇪🇸 - Tasks: 3D Character Artist, French Brach
Heliona 🇭🇷 - Tasks: 3D Character Artist, UK Branch
Muhammet Ali 🇹🇷 - Tasks: 3D Environment Artist
bazq 🇹🇷 - Tasks: Scene Assets, Environment Assets
Darthkiller454 🇩🇪 - Tasks: 3D Character Artist

Sound Designer
Jose Pavli 🇫🇷 - Many thanks for the effort! 🫂

Errayn 🇹🇷 - Many thanks for the effort! 🫂

Community Management Team
ChristopherRr 🇺🇸 - Tasks: 1st Community Manager
Brunwick 🇹🇷 - Tasks: 2nd Community Manager - Co-CM
CamperNL 🇹🇷 - Tasks: 3rd Community Manager - Co-CM
Retamar 🇪🇸 - Tasks 4th Community Manager - Co-CM
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Not a big fan of the era but I'm excited to see it come to life and to try something new!
Best of luck and keep us updated :grin:
I have sunk hundreds of hours into the Napoleonic Wars dlc for Mount & Blade, I've made hundreds of videos on it.
Needless to say I am very excited to seeing this project come to life. It sure has a lot of potential.
Best of luck to you and the modding team!
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