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We should be able to switch playing another clan member anytime. The typical case would be playing with the child of the hero. I think we shouldn't be able to switch back, but it's a matter a preference.

-We don't have to wait until our first hero dies.
-The heir will be more powerful when he/she takes over the clan.
-Change of focus. We don't need to bother with politics for a while, but we still could gather large armies, because the influence belongs to the clan.

-The new hero cannot vote, we would get the same messages as in case of mercenary heroes.
-No clan actions. Some options could be available after winning a persuasion check against the clan leader like: starting a caravan, buying-selling workshops, or changing their production.
-We could take companions from our former hero from a menu. So we don't need to remove them from the party of our first hero before the switch. A QoL feature.
-We shouldn't be able to take the clan leader into our party.
-Our former hero should retain his gear, and not replaced by generic gear.
-What should happen to females who want to marry? I see no problem if they move to the clan of their husband. The player should get a warning of course. They could marry a companion to prevent clan switch.
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