Resolved Swings alternate without mouse moving.

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Alright, this is slightly combat breaking and it's happening to me often in fights, I thought it's just server wrongly registering my swing direction (it happened once in a while in Warband too), but this is particularly annoying when the swing doesn't go the way I want it to.

In the video you can see, that for a brief while, after I join the server (~30sec) the swing directions are fine, they aren't switching on their own, but after I change the swings 2 or 3 times, they start to alternate even though I haven't moved my mouse a tiny bit, therefore the swings should be still coming from the same side...

(You can jump to ~ 35sec)


It's not a bug but a design choice to make it easier for new players. We asked to remove it or at least give us an option to keep the same attack direction, but nothing came out of that.


It was most annoying "mechanic" that i've notice during first hours of playing. This, broken chambers and strange throwing mechanic. To the rest stuff like delays for example i think i can get use to after hundreds of hours xD and even i feel that there are some chances i will like it more than in warband eventually
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